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MKTG “Sessions” featuring GOOD GIRL


MKTG continued its showcase of up and coming musical talent with a lively performance by R&B girl group GOOD GIRL. This 4 member team of vibrant singers/rappers/dancers from Philly gave our employees and DAN network guests a thrill with choreographed numbers (complete with back-up dancers) and interactive moves that got the audience involved. Each woman has her own personality, brought to life through color and fashion. GOOD GIRL spoke with our emcee, NY employee Jasmine McCrawford about the brands they’d most like to partner with, including: emerging fashion brands, Fanta and Skittles! Look for their forthcoming major label EP in 2020 and list to them on Spotify.

Video from the November 6 performance is available on MKTG’s Instagram highlights under “Sessions”: 


Four piece R&B girl group from Philadelphia comprised of Bobbie Michelle, Megan Nicolle, Arielle Belle, and JL

Gained popularity with their YouTube covers and participation in season 11 of America’s Got Talent

Their newest single and video Miseryis out now!






+14.5K monthly listeners

+4.2MM views

“Misery” Official Video

Their song I Can Be Yoursft. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has over 1.5MM views on YouTube

Recently signed to RCA and working on forthcoming Good Girl EP, coming early 2020

Past performances include BET’s Music Matters, Good Day Philadelphia, and VH1

They’ve opened for major R&B artists like SWV, SyleenaJohnson, Wale, Estelle, and Jeremih

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Written by Katie Cooke
Katie Cooke

December 4th, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Nike NYC Marathon Weekend


Runners from all over the world traveled to New York City race weekend to test themselves and their potential through the five boroughs. Since Nike is not a major sponsor during the marathon, they set their sights on owning the whole weekend and beyond. From epic live experiences, exceptionally mapped retail excellence, and the powerful line-up of Moonshotters that toed the line that Sunday – that moment, that weekend and all the noise around it will be remembered with a swoosh. As the only weekend of the year that New York City turns into a marathon and not a sprint, we invited runners* to jump in on the pace and join us where they could over the course of the weekend.

Thursday, October 31st

For one final meetup, we brought the Moonshot family (350-selected NYC-based runners, from those training for their first ever marathon to those looking to break 2:30), together to celebrate the nearing end of their 16-week journey with us in route to the NYCM.  The evening featured special recognitions, surprise giveaways and THE original moonshotter – Eliud Kipchoge.

MKTG executed the 16-week Moonshot program for the third year that included hosting a running camp in upstate New York, staffing pacers, event staff, water stops to the finale of a full elevated Q&A session.

Saturday, November 2nd

In partnership with key NYC-based run crews, Brooklyn Track Club and Orchard Street Runners,  Nike hosted the largest shakeout run in the city (750+ runners) that inspired and motivated all NYCM runners to chase their moonshot the next day. This event featured good food, good vibes and our very fast and special (birthday) guest – Eliud Kipchoge.

MKTG creatively concepted the space and fully-executed the event onsite (staff, check-in, bag check, A/V, etc.)

Sunday, November 3rd

The city was invited to join in at Mile 21 to claim their confetti cannons and cheer on those taking on 26.2. In partnership with WRU Crew, Nike lit up the street and drowned out any competing noise with music, vibes and plenty of cowbell.  MKTG produced and executed the Mile-21 cheer zone, from custom confetti,  a graffiti artist to the delicious pizza.

Monday, November 4th

Inviting the reluctant runner to join us on the go while building off the momentum of race day, Nike inspired and motived those who both ran and watched the race (650 athletes) to walk their way towards them so that they could help them run towards their own goals.  The evening featured exciting and immersive experiences bringing to life our digital  ‘I’m Not a Runner’ stories, a short two-mile run, a surprise panel of champions, plenty of music and exclusive giveaways –  all  geared towards introducing new runners into the Nike  x  NYC running family.

MKTG brought the experience to life through the staffing and creative concepting. We worked closely with a build partner & digital company to design the space and bring it to life.

Tuesday, November 5th – Wednesday, November 6th

The space was extended to reach more reluctant runners in NYC. Prior to opening the public, Nike hosted invite-only runs in the morning. 111-runners joined us at 7am both days. While the space saw over 1,100 inspired athletes!




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Written by Katie Cooke
Katie Cooke

December 4th, 2019 at 3:47 pm

DAZN Deploys Food Truck for the Fans

Let’s get ready to … EAT!! MKTG & DAZN approached the beginning of Fight Season on DAZN as a way to do something for boxing’s most loyal fans in the US. Taking to Hispanic neighborhoods and festivals in LA we deployed a Food Truck with the goal of further driving awareness in the area. Fans were treated to tacos, burritos and tostados named after their favorite DAZN fighters. Brand Ambassadors were also on sight to educate consumers about the streaming service.

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Written by Katie Cooke
Katie Cooke

October 29th, 2019 at 4:25 pm

MKTG West Coast x BAYCAT: A Party With Perspective

During the past 3 years, MKTG West has had the pleasure in adopting and partnering with the Bayview Hunters Point Youth Center for Arts and Technology (BAYCAT).  BAYCAT is a non-profit organization that provides access, education, and employment for low-income youth, young adults, and women of color, tackling the lack of diversity in technology and digital media.

After several months of planning, MKTG volunteers helped execute BAYCAT’s 15-year anniversary fundraising gala A Party With Perspective on Saturday, October 5th.  The inspiring event was held on the 61st floor of San Francisco’s Salesforce tower, where guests enjoyed an amazing 360-degree panoramic view of the city from the region’s tallest skyscraper.

The space was filled with BAYCAT supporters and people whose lives the org has helped transform over the years. It was powerful to have so many people in the room who believe that changing whom the storytellers are, can change the world.

Villy Wang, BAYCAT’s founder and CEO, gave an incredibly moving speech about BAYCAT’s mission and success stories, where we were reminded once again of the inequalities that are happening right in our own backyard. With MKTG’s help, the organization raised $205,000 that evening, far surpassing their expectations.  This was no light effort and we are incredibly proud to be a part of something so meaningful.

What a feel-good Saturday!

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Written by Katie Cooke
Katie Cooke

October 28th, 2019 at 12:25 pm

MKTG Hosts ANA Committee Meeting



MKTG was excited to host the ANA Experiential Retail Safari in September. The day started with discussions on Innovation, where our very own Brian Marshall, VP Global (Chicago office) and our client from Beats by Dre, Matt Robison, Senior Director, WW Channel Development & Communications presented a case study centered around “Creating an experience as innovative as the product itself”. After lunch, the group took off to explore experiential retail locations and then headed back to MKTG for a review of their findings and a rooftop happy hour! 


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Written by Katie Cooke
Katie Cooke

October 3rd, 2019 at 3:00 pm

AMERICAN EAGLE: AExME at Lollapalooza

American Eagle’s #AExME campaign stands for freedom, individuality and difference. For the expressive youth that comprise their target demographic, music festivals are the ultimate creative playground.

When initially concepting, MKTG was inspired by the phenomenon of synesthesia – an inter-sensory connection to music through emotions as words and/or colors. From this idea, the #AExME music festival experience was born.

At its second stop of the summer, the onsite American Eagle experience at Lollapalooza allowed the general public,  plus a hand-picked contingent of 40+ international and domestic influencers, to express how music made them feel. Translating their emotional responses to color, they were directed to one of four corresponding Instagrammable rooms for unique body mod offerings to “complete their festival look”. Upon exit, all guests received a branded, clear fanny pack accented in their mood’s color.

Even more perks awaited AEO Connected loyalty members on the roof deck – a fanny pack personalization station with tassels, patches and gemstones, aura readings, free Wifi, charging stations, pop-up musical performances, and random drops of AE gift cards. American Eagle surprised select Loyalty members with special access to the backstage lounge at the AE stage, which included on-stage viewing opportunities for loyalty members and influencers to watch their favorite performers.

As an additional highlight, 10 loyalty members were surprised with once in a lifetime passes to meet Lil Wayne backstage after his performance  as a celebration of his new Young Money x AE collaboration.

MKTG also orchestrated a hosting program for 25 of American Eagle’s international influencers, who enjoyed an amazing day of local experiences in Chicago including an AE store shopping excursion, followed by 3 jam packed days at the festival.

The program was a true team effort, both internally and externally. We worked with multiple clients at American Eagle including their Media + Digital, International, Social, Creative and Brand Activation teams. Internally, we leveraged experts on the MKTG Account, Production, Creative, H&E, S&E and Video Content teams across 5 different MKTG offices.

The result of our holistic efforts? We drew more than 4,500 guests over 4 days, enrolled more new AEO Connected loyalty program members on day 1 than all of Lolla in 2018, showcased AE across the globe with 1450+ Instagram Stories from 24 international influencers resulting in 88.9 million impressions and were one of the most highly attended and talked-about experiences at the festival.

Watch the Video

For more information or for an official case study, please contact

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Written by Katie Cooke
Katie Cooke

September 5th, 2019 at 5:39 pm

Cupcake Vineyards: Official Wine Sponsor of Lollapalooza

(Photo: Business Wire)

Cupcake Vineyards was the official wine sponsorship of Lollapalooza. This marked the brand’s 4th year as the presenting category sponsor and the crowds were wowed with the introduction of the “coolest” drink around. The Frozie – a frozen wine cocktail with an edible selfie printed on a whipped cream topper. Fans were able to beat the heat within Cupcake’s Frozie Factory and enjoy wine, Insta-worthy moments, lawn games, and more!  Check out some highlights here!


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Written by Katie Cooke
Katie Cooke

September 5th, 2019 at 5:04 pm

Pour Me a Gallon of Authenticity

An excerpt from the PayDay newsletter, brought to you by the Chicago Strategy Team.

Bill Nye: This is an Actual Crisis

Bill Nye: This is an Actual Crisis (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver)



When Pantone announced that “Living Coral” was the 2019 Color of the Year, many were quick to point out the irony considering that over 50% of the world’s coral reefs have been lost in the past 30 years.

In response, Pantone, Adobe Stock, and non-profit The Ocean Agency, came together to draw attention to this plight with “Glowing Glowing Gone — a set of 3 colors matching the fluorescent tones coral give off just prior to death.


Pantone joins the ranks of many well-intentioned brands who have been met with scrutiny (or worse) when they mix social or environmental statements with brand marketing. If a brand’s message feels inauthentic or tone deaf to a consumer, they are quick to call the brand on it.

Rather than issue an apology, Pantone doubled down on their original intent — leveraging creativity and the beauty of their greatest influence (color) to evoke emotion and create awareness for a cause the brand is committed to both actively and authentically.


Y Pulse notes that brands who express their “personality, relevance, influence, and momentum” are most attractive to Millenials and Gen Zs. MKTG CHI clients Nike and American Eagle are leaders in this pack.

As key co-creators with brands that stand for something,” it’s important to remember just how much the experiences we create shape brand perception. How a brand comes to life IRL is often the consumers tangible proof that a double down statement is actually authentic.


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Written by Admin Setup
Admin Setup

July 9th, 2019 at 3:13 pm

San Francisco Volunteer Day


SF Team at SF Marin Food Bank


Despite RFPs and client deadlines, the San Francisco office carved out a couple of hours one day in June to give back to the community by sorting donated food at the San Francisco Marin Food Bank. 

This organization has been in operation for over 30 years serving our immediate San Francisco and Marin communities with a mission to end hunger and support the health and well-being of families. 


Food Bank Walk Through


Here is what we learned throughout the day: 

⭐️ 48 million pounds of food are distributed each year from this one center

⭐️ About two decades ago, they started “Farm to Family” by partnering with farmers in the Central Valley of California to include farm-fresh produce in their inventory

⭐️ The SF Marin Food Bank relies heavily on volunteers like us (among 40,000 annually) to help sort, pack, and distribute food every day

⭐️ All of the produce is turned over to the community within 72 hours from donation, which means that volunteers are saving a lot of foods from going to waste

⭐️ In the warehouse last week (looked a lot like Costco!), there were 2 million pounds of food waiting to be distributed

⭐️ In the couple of hours we worked, we were able to sort through 15,660 pounds of food


Lastly, it was a shock to find out that only 15% of the foods are going to the homeless; the majority are going to everyday people. 1 in 4 residents in San Francisco and Marin Counties are at risk of hunger. 144,000 people receive food each week, and we are still at a shortage. For those who did not have RFPs or client deadlines, we then went to a favorite local patio bar to reflect on the experience and also celebrate June birthdays and kick off Pride weekend!


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Written by Admin Setup
Admin Setup

July 9th, 2019 at 2:15 pm

DAZN Canelo vs Jacobs Activation


DAZN tasked MKTG to make a splash in Las Vegas with the goal of creating awareness and driving subscriptions leading up to the big fight in May.

MKTG approached the biggest fight of 2019 as an opportunity to take over and “blitz” Las Vegas. With a jam-packed schedule, we were able to activate six total events, five of which took place in the 48 hours leading up to the main event.

MKTG’s Content Studio also created a 2-minute video that was used in the DAZN Cube where participants were able to destroy cable boxes. The animation needed to feel like it was literally “blowing up” the fight game, which we were successfully able to capture using AfterEffects and Cinema 4D. In addition, we created assets used inside the arena where fans could take pictures in front of animations promoting the merchandise.


⭐️🥊⭐️ EVENTS ⭐️🥊⭐️




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Written by Admin Setup
Admin Setup

June 5th, 2019 at 4:56 pm