The drink you inhale



Red Kiva in Chicago has introduced a new Martini to their menu.  The Vaportini runs about $10 (a few varieties) and since you don’t actually ingest anything, I am thinking it’s good for a dieter that still wants a buzz.  Here’s a description of the newish liquor experience: “a strange combination of dish, art object and drug paraphernalia. A hand-blown glass ball sits inside of a metal bowl filled with lead. The bowl is heated in the kitchen, and the liquor (about 1/2 a shot) is put into the glass ball. The glass ball, when nestled inside the metal bowl, is heated to 110 degrees, vaporizing the liquor. Drinkers insert a straw into the glass ball and “drink” the alcoholic vapors.” 

Full article here: Vaportini Article/Chicagoist

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Written by Francesca Gangitano
Francesca Gangitano

November 5th, 2009 at 5:03 pm

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