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There’s no silver lining to the tragedy that struck Haiti on January 12. In a nation already teetering on a razor’s edge, the devastation wrought by the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in 200 years cannot be measured by the cost to rebuild, the number left homeless, or the ever rising death toll. But amidst the suffering, the pain, and the uncertainty there have been rays of hope, and outpouring of international support has united our global community in unprecedented ways.

At MKTG we were obviously shaken by reports and images of the destruction, awed by the magnitude of charity and support – but also concerned with Haiti’s future. “What happens after the cameras and network anchors are gone?”

Rather than wait for the answer, we decided to become part of the solution. With generous contributions from Nike, Nintendo, Diageo among others, we’ve opened our doors tonight for cocktails and a silent auction. All donations will be going to Voice of Haiti, an organization focused on rebuilding communities.

For anyone not able to attend but interested in contributing or participating in the silent auction please email

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January 28th, 2010 at 10:00 am

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