Haiti isn’t “all better” now


The benefit we held for Haiti was a gratifying example of an agency, and more importantly, its people pitching in and giving back. We raised $5k for Voice of Haiti in a single evening (you can always donate more at any time).

It’s been a month since the earthquake and Haiti is no longer the lead story, or often, any story on the news right now. Maybe Angelina Jolie will adopt 75,000 or so kids and grab our collective attention again, but until then, we plan to be part of a continuing effort to help.

The majority of Haitians are still suffering from medical, food and shelter shortages. There are no jobs. Government offices and many businesses no longer exist. For most, the only activity is lining up at dawn hoping to get a sack of rice.

Picture 2

AP Photo/U.S. Navy, Chief Mass Communication Specialist Daniel C. Pearson)

So what can we do? Good question. We don’t know the answer over the long-term, but we can continue to find ways to raise money. We have some plans but, we need people with the imagination and the drive to help us consider the possible.

If you want to help, please contact shaun (smatusewicz@mktg.com) or ross (rmcgraw@mktg.com).

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AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

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