Former Sprint, Radioshack CEOs Form Cell Phone Recycling Company

The ambitious new venture plans to set up easy phone trade-in schemes. eRecyclingCorps will partner with network providers, and customers can bring their old phones in to carriers’ stores. The stores will provide customers with a credit to put towards a new cell phone. The stores then send the old phones to eRecyclingCorps, which sorts which phones can be refurbished and which need to be recycled. eRecyclingCorps will safely recycle unfixable phones and sell refurbished phones in emerging markets like Brazil, India, Russia and China.

Unsurprisingly, eRecyclingCorps’ first partner is Sprint. eRecyclingCorps will handle phones turned in to 2,500 of the provider’s stores and dealers. With luck, Sprint won’t be the only company featuring the new trade-in program: eRecyclingCorps says its working on convincing other carriers to adopt the program, too.


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Written by Elizabeth Valleau
Elizabeth Valleau

March 23rd, 2010 at 2:38 pm

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