lights out


I was one of THOSE people.

You’ve seen them, the bedraggled and hapless folks that network news features during WEATHER EVENTS–looking all pathetic as they wade through their flooded basements carrying soaked scrapbooking albums–treasures lost forever. In our house, we lost our electricity, but we found…a FAMILY.

A few hours of it left us giddy with the novelty and full of adventure. Then it got dark. Add another 30 minutes of candles and hurricane lamp fun. Then reality hit like a bottle to the face. No tv. And it’s cold. And the food is rotting. And, “How come you didn’t call for a hotel room earlier? Now it’s too late!” You suck. No, you suck.

An hour later, a camera would have found a once tight-knit family of five huddled separately in the flickering shadows, our begrimed faces peeking warily from layers of tattered clothing, the room reeking of fear and piss. Then the power came back on and we settled in to watch Lost.

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March 17th, 2010 at 11:29 am

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