So many places to go;
so little lifetime

221 100 places place

We’ve all been struck with a case of wanderlust, pondered where we’d  journey first if we struck it rich. For some it’s the allure of  relaxation and a cruise around the world, others dream of the rush of  a Mt. Everest climb. Still others crave an Anthony Bourdain style gastro-tour of Europe (Garcon, more vino, please). Whichever  way your hot air balloon blows, this book will take you there.

If the comfort of your backyard  is as far as you’re going to get, slap on the SPF 50 and take a journey through the pages of 1000 Places to see Before you Die (or until you’re cryogenically frozen).   Next on my list—Morocco!

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Written by Jennifer Stencil
Jennifer Stencil

May 20th, 2010 at 4:39 pm

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