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This year’s World Cup exposed me to a concept that has filled me with confusion and jealousy: recruited fans. I have aleady heard of two instances where fans were actually recruited to attend matches – the cases of North Korea and the Netherlands (according to Foreign Policy Magazine and BBC News respectively).

For the North Koreans, many of their fans at their first match against Brazil were not North Korean at all. They were Chinese. A thousand comedians and other pop stars hailing from North Korea’s only ally were hand-plucked to blow vuvuzelas for Best Korea, few of whom (ok, none of whom) are capable of obtaining visas.

The Dutch group consisted of thirty-six beautiful women recruited by a Dutch brewery to cheer as a group and attract camera attention to their attire – orange dresses that were part of a give-away marketing program for the beer. This act has been labeled a “Marketing Ambush” by FIFA, who is taking legal action against the brewery. Suurre they will.

Unfortunately, I am neither a Chinese pop star (yet!), nor a beautiful Dutch girl, so I stood little chance of being recruited by either group. But hey, a guy can dream.

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Written by Duncan Kirby
Duncan Kirby

June 29th, 2010 at 5:59 pm

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