The BLG Friday Feature is the QCK3 (QUICK THREE). This is where BLG engages in a verbal romp with a friendly MKTG INC employee. Rules of engagement? The introduction is the back of your business card and the corresponding photo is randomly selected from your Facebook page. Hide the womens and childrens!

This week’s subject: Mary Anne

Mary Anne’s designer eyes see thing differently from the rest of us. She sees the same things we do, but with an additional dimension. Are we saying 4D? Yes, we are. She can dimensionalize (not a word) a given product or service and translate it via her vision and skill into something more than the sum of itself  – a something that inspires imagination, grabs peoples’ interest, their loyalty and, finally, their wallets. Is this a complicated way of saying she can really bring a concept to life? Yes, it is.

BLG: I like the warrior photo. You look like you’re ready for battle.

MRYNN: Oh I am. My friend hurt his head and had to wear a wrap around it. So we all wore headbands in solidarity.

BLG: And it’s red! Like the bows on Mary Anne from Gilligan’s Island pigtails! So who’s your Professor?

MRYNN: Gillian’s Island reference. So original.  *PUNCHES BLG*

BLG: Ouch! Sorry! You’re fiesty. No wonder they keep you in the Creative Cage. What do you do besides make pretty pictures and dole out sweet karate chops to people making Gilligan’s Island references?

MRYNN: I ride my bike, play kickball, take mini road trips, go to concerts, you know.

BLG: Biking! Do you know how to change a bike tire? That is always impressive. Or change a car tire? That’s more impressive.

MRYNN: No, I don’t know how to change and if I did I wouldn’t tell you – I’m afraid of change.

BLG: You sound like you live in Brooklyn. What’s a typical evening in BK like?

MRYNN: Usually hanging with friends, drinking with strangers, cutting my jeans into shorts and talking about feelings.

BLG: Friends! Strangers! Cocktails! Jorts! A girl after our own heart.

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October 29th, 2010 at 9:56 am

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