A new BLG Friday Feature is debuting today called the QCK3 (QUICK THREE). This is where BLG engages in a verbal romp with a friendly MKTG INC employee. Rules of engagement? The introduction is the back of your business card and the corresponding photo is randomly selected from your Facebook page. Oh yea!

First up: Nick

Nick is the guy you want in the lifeboat with you.  He does not fret, panic or run around like a chicken without its head. Of course, nick brings that same steady hand to account service, as well, whether he’s directing, planning, implementing, optimizing or just plain leading the way. If you want to rock the boat, however, try making fun of Notre Dame or the Yankees.

BLG: What’s with the Saints bling in this Facebook photo?

NCK: Tiffany – one of our clients – did the bling for the Superbowl rings. That’s my finger!

BLG: You have nice hands. And that ring is so sparkly. Like the glitter in your eye when you work on great projects. So what’s your fave thing you’ve ever worked on?

NCK: Pro Combat Rivalry Tour. Hands down. We unveiled the NIKE Pro Combat uniforms at colleges.

BLG: Wow, that must have been terrible hanging out on college campuses all the time. Could I bring my grandma to this Combat Rivalry or would nana have a freak out?

NCK: We spent a lot of time at southern schools. Coming from NYC things were a lot slower down there. Perfect speed for nana.

BLG: Bear v. Shark: who’s winning? It’s in outer space so don’t worry about breathing ability.

NCK: In that case, shark. Faster. Stronger. More agile. Miles of teeth. Have you seen JAWS? I don’t see them making a movie called BEARS.

BLG: Unless it’s the Chicago Bears. Ditka v. shark?

NCK: Trick question. Ditka IS shark!

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October 22nd, 2010 at 4:27 pm

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