The much-anticipated NBA season opened last night with the Celtics, the Heat and LeBron James eating a pink-frosted donut. Nike’s new LeBron James: Rise commercial shows a LeBron no one expects to see: introspective, self-deprecating, a soulful slam poet wearing a fedora. From the sound of it a lot of people don’t want to see this new LeBron, or any other LeBron for that matter, but it’s not like Nike doesn’t know that: LeBron repeatedly asks us “What should I do?” and then he says, “Maybe I should just disappear.” I myself loved it: it’s funny, it’s smart, it’s very well written, and it’s got a Don Johnson cameo. I ask for nothing more.

via highsnobiety

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Written by Michelle Heller
Michelle Heller

October 27th, 2010 at 12:51 pm

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