Pop-ups Shape Up


A piece in this week’s Wall Street Journal takes a look at how pop-ups are growing from occasional marketing tools to sustainable business models. A great example is right here in MKTG INC New York’s basement: Chelsea Market, which will host pop-up cycling studio KiwiSweat through the end of October. KiwiSweat is a pop-up-only gym that temporarily inhabits a series of surprising NYC locations, providing fitness lovers with new and unique workouts every few months. The concept taps the “surprise” allure of the typical pop-up to make daily workouts more exciting, and it all happens in unexpected locations like city rooftops, MoMA and, yes, foodie mecca Chelsea Market. Bon workout!

Photo credit: Ramsay De Give for The Wall Street Journal

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Written by Michelle Heller
Michelle Heller

October 20th, 2011 at 5:54 pm

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