Nothing Small About Small-Business Saturday

Small's All Good

Small's All Good

FedEx is at it again. While you were still napping off your Thanksgiving feast, FedEx was giving $1 million to small businesses nationwide. FedEx partnered with American Express to join in the second-annual Small-Business Saturday on November 26, the day after Black Friday. The shopping holiday supports small businesses that boost the economy, create jobs, and add local flavor to neighborhoods everywhere. FedEx teamed with American Express to give away $1 million in “Shop-Small” gift cards.

Supporting small business is nothing new for FedEx. The FedEx + Me program in Austin — called My Story: Austin — just launched its second leg this month with a kickoff party and a brand-new website. The program has built a community for like-minded entrepreneurs who embody Austin’s pay-it-forward mentality and want to learn about growing their business. Naturally, FedEx + Me was the ideal outlet for distributing the cards, so our program got 1,000 gift cards worth $25 each to distribute in Austin alone. Yep, that’s $25,000 in cold, hard plastic. Community liaison Nancy Shields played the role of Robin Hood as she distributed the cards to small-business owners and Austinites eager to show their love for the city’s small businesses.

Our FedEx + Me program participants came up with all kinds of creative ways to distribute the gift cards to their deserving customers, clients and fans while promoting their business and spreading the word about the new small-business holiday. Many small-business owners used social media to get the word out. Maria Orozova, owner of The MOD Studio, promoted her business through trivia questions on her business’s Facebook page and rewarded her knowledgeable clients with the gift cards. In return, she gained 30 new Facebook followers. Along the same vein, Caroline Freedman and Lauren McCullough of NurturMe created an email to promote their baby-food sale at Babies R Us, encouraging their customers to “share” their deal on Facebook and receive a gift card in the mail. The promotion generated more traffic on their Facebook page than any other promotion they’ve ever run — over 40 customer “shares” and lots of favorable comments.

Small-Business Saturday — further proof of how the little acts of a big company can make a big impact!

Photo credit: Danielle Stefanuk

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Written by Danielle Stefanuk
Danielle Stefanuk

December 13th, 2011 at 6:40 pm

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