Google+ Brand Pages: New Kid on the Blog

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Google+ has been heavy on the + these days. With its new brand pages, it’s not only the latest platform to enter the competitive social media arena — it’s setting up to be a real powerhouse.

Just compare it to Facebook — when Facebook launched in 2004, it took three years to gain 25 million users. Google+ achieved this in one month. How’d it manage that? Its established suite of widely used platforms (Gmail, Google Docs, Gchat) sure helped spread the + word. Another motivator is the first-mover advantage: Digitally savvy brands now have a new opportunity to show themselves as innovators by being among the first to establish their Google+ presence. Marketers won’t want to miss that + boat.

But one of the biggest brand drivers in this sphere might be the great features of Google+. These include:

That World-famous Search
Unlike on Facebook, Google+ brand pages directly integrate Google search, thus increasing a brand’s visibility across the Web. Since Google owns more than 60% of the search market right now, that’s a powerful selling point for brands who want to improve their search optimization. Plus, if a user recommends a brand page, that action is shared on his/her Google+ profile, visible to his/her friends.

Speaking of Those Friends
Google+ is built up of more than 40 million users — early influencers every one. An enterprising brand will take this rare chance to craft personal relationships with the kind of super-consumers who are every marketer’s dream.

A lot of Facebook folk report feeling inundated with updates. For brands that means your activity is more likely to go unnoticed. Not so for the clean and uncluttered Google+, which focuses on only the most relevant content.

Google+ Hangouts
Google+ Hangouts allows users to host a live audio/video chat with their audience. Video chat’s obviously been done before, but never on a social media platform, and marketers are seeing it as a great way to video-connect, say, entertainment talent with a large group of fans. Major brands like Dell are already considering using Hangouts as a customer support line, and, most recently, the Dalai Lama used Hangouts to chat with Desmond Tutu. And hey, if it’s good enough for the Dalai Lama, it’s good enough for your brand.

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Written by Michelle Heller
Michelle Heller

January 5th, 2012 at 11:19 am

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