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Looks like the press just can’t get enough of our own Charlie Horsey. When industry rag AdWeek came by our New York headquarters a few weeks back, they stopped by the MKTG INC CEO’s office for an unscripted tete-a-tete. What’d those bigwigs talk about behind closed doors? Normally we’d have no idea, but this time the whole thing was caught on video so we know pretty much everything. Conversation topics ranged from how to define experiential marketing to how to structure a campaign to the newest tech gadget currently poised to take over the world. The AdWeek folks even got some expert advice on the best place to grab a drink in NY. (Hint: It’s very, very close to where this reporter is sitting right now. In a moment it might be even closer.) Have a look and a listen here.

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Written by Michelle Heller
Michelle Heller

March 20th, 2012 at 6:52 pm

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