Lamest QR Code Ever?


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There has been much debate over QR codes and how useful they actually are. Numerous blogs have been dedicated to this topic and some have even gone as far as to ask if the QR code is dead. Well, the folks at Facebook have decided that they aren’t quite done (yet). They recently painted a 42-foot wide QR code on the roof of their new mega office complex. When scanned, the code takes users to… a fan page for the code itself. AdWeek has summed it up pretty well, saying it “perfectly mirrors some of the underwhelming aspects of QR codes themselves.”

So what do we think? Is there still a use for QR codes in today’s marketing world or have they just become a way of “checking the box” to show that brands are utilizing current technology?

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Written by Peter McCutcheon
Peter McCutcheon

March 29th, 2012 at 11:00 am

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