Lollapalooza 2012: I Fink You Freeky and I Like You A Lot

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As a follow-up to Lollapalooza 2012’s ‘early bird’ ticket sale this past weekend (which sold out in 20 minutes), the festival launched a teaser campaign via digital screens at several iconic El stops in Chicago, featuring song lyrics from confirmed headliners at this year’s show.  Via the powers of online sleuthing and the folks at Wine and Pop, the lyrics have been traced back to four potential performers: Die Antwoord, The Weeknd, Justice, and Jack White.

The campaign from Lolla (and festival-promoters C3 Presents) not only takes the standard, web-based lineup release and flips it on its head, but it also provides an interactive and thought-provoking experience for consumers at some of the most iconic and high-traffic locations in Chicago.  While the full lineup won’t be released until April 11, this campaign helps bridge the gap from the pre-sale, while building buzz in an original and dare I say…freeky fashion.

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Written by Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick

March 29th, 2012 at 6:44 pm

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