How to #MakeItCount: Travel the World on Company Dime

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The newest viral video to take over the interwebs comes courtesy of filmmaker Casey Neistat, who was given an advance from Nike to create his own video interpretation of the recently launched Nike+ Fuelband and the corresponding tagline “Life Is a Sport, Make It Count.”

Neistat’s vision (which supposedly came as a surprise to Nike) was to use the advance to travel the world until the funds ran out, packing a lifetime’s worth of adventure into a 10-day expedition. The result is an inspiring 4.5-minute video journey across the globe, complete with motivational quotes from historical figures (and one of my favorites from Dr. Gonzo/Hunter S. himself).

While Neistat starts off the video with a cynical tone (“instead of making their movie…”), the end result is a viral phenomenon that perfectly aligns with Nike’s Make It Count slogan. The beauty of this video is in its subtlety; other than a quick unveiling of the Nike+ Fuelband at the beginning of the video, there are hardly any further references to the product or Nike brand. Instead, we’re immersed in a lifestyle that we all wish we could live, prompting feelings of envy for its creator.  Just think what you could have done with the time you’ve spent reading this verbose blog post….

While some will certainly argue that it’s much easier to “Make It Count” if someone else is footing the bill, the message remains the same whether referring to world travel, our relationships with each other, or, in Nike’s case, physical activity.

That said, if someone wants to pay for my trip around the world, I’ll be happy to make it count.

Your move, MKTG.

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Written by Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick

April 12th, 2012 at 3:10 am

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