An IPO, a Billionaire, and a Surprise Wedding


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Last week was a big week for Facebook. After years of speculation and hype, the company went public, raising more than $16 billion with a value of $104 billion.

As Zuckerberg rang to NASDAQ bell on Friday morning, he and hundreds of employees and investors became extremely wealthy – millions and billions wealthy.  According to luxury car dealerships and real estate agents, purchases have increased in the past few months, many paying with cash.

Just when it seemed the week couldn’t get more exciting, Mark Zuckerberg changed his Facebook relationship to “Married” on Saturday. Guests were invited to their Palo Alto home on Saturday for his longtime girlfriend’s graduation party and were surprised with a wedding ceremony.

If VH1’s Best Week Ever was still on air, I think we’d have a winner…

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May 22nd, 2012 at 7:24 pm

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