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The 12th Annual BET Awards don’t kick off until July 1st, but people are already talking about the launch of a new interactive app, which will allow fans to start interacting with the ceremony in June. According to Mashable, the app features “gaming elements tied to voting for the award show’s nominees or predicting the order of the performers” along with “a clickable timeline of the BET Awards, in-depth artist profiles, curated tweets and videos.”

Award show apps are nothing new, but as they become more popular, we start to wonder what’s next. These apps are typically designed to interact with fans at home, but how do brands engage guests at the actual event beyond the existing social media outlets (Facebook, twitter, foursquare, etc.)? Can brands provide worthwhile content that enhances (rather than distracts from) the experience?

After a successful launch in 2011, the 2012 BET Awards will feature a “social media lounge,” where guests can hang out and post/tweet/brag about the event. This makes sense at an event full of television breaks & sponsored lounges, but what about at a shorter experiential event with limited time for personal interaction? This is the challenge brands will face as they look to capitalize on the new mobile landscape and extend the reach of their events in creative ways.

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Written by Peter McCutcheon
Peter McCutcheon

May 24th, 2012 at 10:00 am

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