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Those that know me as more than just a humble blogger know that I have some major man-love for Paul Simon.  As probably my favorite artist of all-time, he introduced me to a less disposable generation of music at an early age with albums like Rhythm of the Saints and Graceland.

The latter not only remains the gold standard for Simon’s career, but also symbolizes an early effort to connect different parts of the world. Introducing Americans to South African sounds in the midst of apartheid, Paul Simon became the ultimate musical connector far before the dawn of social media and Zuckerberg.  25 years later Graceland is still lauded as one of the greatest recordings of all time, and is set to re-release to a market and world that is more connected than ever.

To coincide with the 25th anniversary and the album’s re-release, Sony Legacy (in partnership with Sneak Attack Media) set out to develop a campaign to reach a younger demographic and introduce the album to the new, digital-centric generation.  This led them to the world of Instagram and the creation of the #Graceland25 contest (launches today), which tasks fans with using this hashtag to share photos of a recent journey on any of the major social media sites for a chance to win prizes.  The campaign will also feature an interactive tour of the making of the album on Sony Legacy’s Facebook page.  If that wasn’t enough to get the younger folks engaged, the campaign also went straight to the heart of the Beliebers and tasked popular indie rock groups (hello hipsters) with recording and posting covers of the classic album.

#Graceland25 showcases a clear and simple strategy that is worth acknowledging: promote using channels that are relevant to your audience, while remaining authentic to what made you successful in the first place.  Anyone that has listened to Graceland knows that travel and discovery serve as the central themes of the album, which aligns perfectly with the upcoming Instagram promotion.  It’s also a testament to the album that these messages are just as relevant today as they were 25 years ago, which to me is the ultimate sign of great music.

I wonder how ‘Call me Maybe’ will be remembered in 25 years…


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