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John Peel, the late, legendary British DJ of pirate-radio fame, has had his 25,000+ record collection transformed into an online, interactive museum that showcases an eclectic tour through the history of modern music. As the longest-standing DJ of the original BBC Radio 1, Peel is often cited as one of the most influential and progressive DJs to ever grace the airwaves. The website also showcases photos, videos and live sessions, and will be unveiling the first 100 albums of each letter in the collection each week from May 1st – October 1st. (A, B and C have already been released.)

The website marks the latest creative attempt to connect the physical to the digital, a concept that’s at the forefront for a vinyl industry trying to survive in an increasingly digital world, where instant (and mobile) gratification is king. Playback for the albums links to various streaming sites like Spotify, which bridges the generational gap and connects albums from as early as the 1950s to the Internet’s most recent musical hub.

As someone who still clings to his turntable with aspirations of becoming a vinyl snob, here’s hoping that creative ventures like these, along with free digital downloads and cheeky iPhone apps, is enough to keep my growing vinyl collection more relevant than my HD DVDs.

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