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Marketers continue to discover how consumer social media sites and services benefit brand communication and amplification. It is almost impossible to think about not “Liking” your favorite brand on Facebook or following a celebrity on Twitter.  While Facebook and Twitter are staples in the digital marketer’s toolkit, additional apps and networks are emerging as contenders. One of these is Instagram, which, in less than two years, has added more than 40 million users worldwide with 58 photos uploaded every second.

What makes apps like Instagram so popular is the ability to engage with the photos either through commenting or liking. In fact, every second users perform 575 likes and 81 comments. The increased engagement factor has made brands take notice and develop their own Instagram strategy. Photos and video are an easy way to share snapshots of a brands culture and livelihood. For example, Tiffany & Co. is giving fans a behind scenes look at how their jewelry is made including the tools, techniques, and people involved. Inside access is key for encouraging fans to come back, week after week.

While online photo sharing isn’t new, the elements of mobile and social are reintroducing photo and video services as hot new brand tactics. It is natural that video is the next to get a makeover…

Viddy, the Instagram of video is considered to be the next breakout star. With over 27 million unique users and Mark Zuckerberg as a registered user, the app is making video fun and social. Users capture video and add one-click filters and effects before sharing with friends through Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube. The app lets users discover content by including a view of trending, popular and new videos.

Much like Instagram, Viddy currently has a library of effects, which it calls Production Packs, and includes music that is automatically added to the video during the upload process. Future enhancements include the opportunity for celebrities, movie studios and music artists to create premium production packs for consumers to purchase.

What makes the app creative is the 15-second limit. By forcing users to select only the best 15 seconds, you don’t have to worry about sitting through a five-minute video on your mobile device. Brands have an opportunity to create informal videos that can tease a new product or event and share among their loyal social media followers.

Whether it is a behind-the-scene video or a short customer testimonial, video is engaging and traditionally has a higher click-through rate. The sky is the limit in how brands can leverage their original mobile videos, in addition to encouraging their customers create their own.

One piece of advice for brands exploring photo and video strategies is – remember that consumers want an inside scoop. They feel a sense of brand pride when they receive a video walkthrough of a new office or the first glimpse of new product packaging.

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