Gymkhana is not a new fitness class being offered at that place you pay for monthly but don’t actually attend. Rather it is the fifth installment of a concept created by Ken Block, owner of DC shoes. So what is Gymkhana all about?  Gymkhana is a series of sick viral videos used by DC Shoes to market the brand, the owner and select athletes they endorse (I.e. Travis Pastrana in this instance). In addition to being owner of a well known skate brand, Ken Block is also a rally car driver and a good one at that. This video showcases his talent as he rips through the streets of San Francisco in his highly branded Ford Fiesta turning the urban landscape into his own personal rally car course.

In typical Gymkhana fashion the video is well edited and I highly recommend you plug in your headphones, crank up the volume and strap yourself in for the ride. I don’t know what is most impressive. The fact that this video has only been up for almost 2 days and has over 8 million views. Or that they were able to shut down half of San Francisco to shoot this video. Either way this thing is dope.

Source: YouTube/DC Shoes

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Written by Admin Setup
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July 12th, 2012 at 4:19 pm

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