Miami Heats Up With Nike 7-on-7 Football Tournament

Nike7on7Photo by: Jordan Zuniga

Every year major Division 1 football programs dip into the state of Florida to recruit the best athletes in the country. South Florida in particular is said to be a hotbed of the best high school talent where many players are college ready at young ages. For this reason, Nike has made a concerted effort to become the brand of choice for these players that will eventually be suiting up on Saturdays.

MKTG INC recently assisted Nike with this years installment of the 7-on-7 football tournament in Miami featuring 32 teams in the ultimate showcase of skill and athleticism. In line with Nike’s current marketing strategy, MKTG INC brought the new Nike+ trial zone to Miami where players could compete against each other in vertical jump, foot-fire races, and jump rope drills while trialling the newest Nike footwear technology.  The event was a huge success as the athletes competed at the highest level while being exposed to everything Nike has to offer.

With the positive endorsement of the event from everyone involved, it is possible that the Nike 7-on-7 tournament will become a benchmark for players to strive for in years to come.

Written by: Drew McAvoy

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July 23rd, 2012 at 3:51 pm

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