Back to the Future: the Polaroid Edition

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Combining technology from different generations seems like a dangerous proposition.  From VHS to Blu-Ray, 8-Tracks to iPods, Atari to PS3, in most cases there’s a pretty clear reason why we’ve left the past behind.

However, a few out-of-date devices possess a certain nostalgia within the minds of consumers, maybe none moreso than the oft-romanticized Polaroid camera.  Before the days of Instagram and turning every picture into a Sepia-toned masterpiece to seem artistic, the Polaroid served to provide the instant gratification that defines our greedy nature as consumers.

With that in mind, the folks at The Impossible Project have brought two worlds together by combining the analog functionality of the Polaroid, with the ever-increasing digital power of the iPhone to create the ‘Impossible Instant Lab‘.  The Instant Lab allows you to transform your digital iPhone images into real-life photographs in a matter of seconds.  While it currently exists as a prototype, the Instant Lab has already garnered almost twice their original $250k fundraising goal on, along with glowing reviews from the likes of Engadget, CNET, psfk and many more.

Grab your DeLorean and donate people…but let’s leave the 8 Track players where they belong.

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September 19th, 2012 at 10:25 pm

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