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Not Your Dad’s Fan Swag: NFL Back to Football Photo Day

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NFL Nike Back To Football Photo DayPhoto Credit:

What happens when MKTG INC takes 32 football-crazy fans, hooks them up with the sweetest new NIKE NFL products and brings in a professional team of stylists, make up artists and photographers to bring it all to life?  Fire flames, that’s what.

On Tuesday, September 4th, 32 lucky fans got just a taste of the celebrity life through the NFL’s first-ever Back to Football Photo Day.  America’s favorite League partnered with NIKE to select one super fan from each NFL team and whisked them away to NYC for an experience that blended all the glam of Fashion Week with the NFL’s manic following and unmistakable NIKE style.

The fans reported to the swanky Skylight West studio and right away were thrown into the whirlwind that was their day as an NFL VIP.  After full hair and makeup treatment, stylist to the stars Rachel Johnson engineered swag-tastic looks for each fan with a mix of hot new NIKE gear and their own personal style.  Once they were all gussied up a firing squad of professional photographers shot hundreds of images in search of the perfect look for each fan.  The images were then retouched on site in the same style as NIKE creative featuring Mark Sanchez, Victor Cruz, et. al.

Finally, after a short rest the fans were treated to a meet and greet with Commissioner Roger Goodell, followed by a VIP party complete with appearances by Kevin Frazier, Jason Sehorn and Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett.  As the party raged into the night the 32 lucky fans rocked their new looks and rubbed shoulders with NIKE & NFL executives, former players and celebrities.

Like I said.  Fire flames.

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Written by John Seiler
John Seiler

September 7th, 2012 at 6:16 pm


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fashions-night-out-2012Photo by Norman Jean Roy

Fashion’s Night Out is a global initiative sponsored by Vogue and CFDA. With the first event taking place in 2009, FNO has grown steadily over the last few years with it’s biggest night planned for today, September 6th 2012.

What started out as a way to encourage consumers to shop and support the fashion industry is now a global celebration of fashion.  Sure the primary intent is to purchase, but it’s also to meet designers, get good deals on products and a party with models (the latter being the most important to this guy!).

To take it one step further, FNO is implementing strong social media initiatives consisting of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  If you want to show off how much fun you are having and what items you bought, all Instagram photos with the hashtag #FNO will be featured live in real time on

If you forgot about FNO and want to find out what’s happening in your city, hop onto their website and do some homework.  You can pick out the shops you want to check out and see what types of offers are available in store.

According to this video, everyone is going to be there, so don’t miss out!

Written by Alfredo Montes

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Written by Admin

September 6th, 2012 at 4:13 pm

Do You “Gangnam Style?”

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GangnamStylePhoto Credit:

If you haven’t seen the “Gangnam Style” music video, you probably live under a rock or still use the lyrics from “Call Me Maybe” as your pick-up line.  Alas, you can be cool again… and be part of this viral video phenomenon.

Honestly, my knowledge on K-pop (Korean pop music) only goes as far as Super Junior, but “Gangnam Style” artist PSY is not your typical K-pop musician. PSY, Park Jaesang, doesn’t fit the stereotypical K-pop artist mold—he’s relatively older, not particularly good looking, and had albums fined for inappropriate content. So, what makes “Gangnam Style” the video that finally infiltrated the western market?

Turns out, PSY is different than other K-pop musicians. For one, he attended Boston University and graduated from Berklee College of Music, which might have given him insights into American music and a fresh outlook on his South Korean culture. “Gangnam Style” has a catchy and cheery beat, seemingly random and stylized video and hysterical invisible horse dance. But beyond the upbeat music of “Gangnam Stlye” lies PSY’s message that pokes fun at Gangnam’s conspicuous consumption and hollow opulence, which is not easily visible to its western audience. Maybe it’s the combination of those elements that made this video so popular.

Since its video posting on July 15, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has over 100 million views and currently holds the No. 1 spot on YouTube 100 (it will also be my new ringtone after I write this article, just so you know). T-Pain even tweeted about “Gangnam Style,” which led to over 2,000 retweets and parody video replies.

Subversive messages aside, what truly interests me is how the video organically created a community of “Gangnam Style” fans —whether it’s the message, the song, the dance, or the combination of all three, “Gangnam Style” has catalytic elements that gets us curious and excited.

This is what brands should aim to trigger among its viewers to garner a viral status—a 100 million views kind of viral status.

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Written by Alayne Luistro
Alayne Luistro

September 4th, 2012 at 9:02 pm