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Trying to wrap up 2012 into a single best thing is incredibly overwhelming. Was it the GIF?1 Was it Was it Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter?3 Well, these are some of my favorite things of the year. But, I should probably write about something that has affected everyone and makes some sort of sense for the MKTG INC BLG.

Well, space marketing it is.

This year, Red Bull sponsored a special undertaking by their team called the Red Bull Stratos. It was a skydiving mission in which a human in a new spacesuit leaped from a helium balloon over 120,000 feet above earth’s surface. The jumper broke the sound barrier with his face. Yes, the sound barrier. With his face.

This jump is interesting enough itself from a daredevil perspective, but it started a larger conversation. It wasn’t only about breaking records, sound barriers, or 12.6 million people watching the jump live on a Sunday afternoon. Red Bull, an energy drink company, did more for air and space travel this year than NASA could. This directly affects us an experiential agency because the space jump was an event. Not held in Times Square or the Mag Mile, but in the stratosphere and globally on YouTube along with a few cable networks. It pushed the limits on what companies can do to promote themselves. It took the idea of an event, so much bigger. Red Bull showed us that it’s worth the leap of faith to spend millions of dollars on balloons and a bunch of scientists to make a human free fall to earth for 10 minutes.

I’m more of a coffee drinker, but that afternoon I bought a Red Bull. I wanted to do my part in supporting this kind of fearless thinking. Whether it was for science, or to prove their slogan that Red Bull gives you wings, doesn’t matter—people were watching, and now everything’s changed.

1. GIF: The most expressive file extension, ever. Check out and for instant smiles.
2. It’s basically Etsy meets E-bay, but for design snobs like me.
3. Yes, it’s a butter-like spread, made out of crushed cookies. I was carrying around a jar of it in my purse for a few days until I realized how weird that was.

Written by: Katie Davis

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December 14th, 2012 at 7:15 pm

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