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HointerPhoto Credit: Komonews.com

We’ve seen QR codes. They might look awful, but they pack loads of information into a tiny space. Regardless, properly implemented QR codes help enhance a consumer’s experience—particularly in retail.

Hointer, a men’s premium denim store based in Seattle, integrates QR codes to create a unique consumer shopping experience. Instead of displaying a full size run, the store only features a pair of denim from each style. Each pair is suspended from the ceiling in an upright position, which eliminates shelves in the store and allows shoppers to get a full look at the denim. The highlight of the Hointer experience is its automated service. Each pair of denim has a QR code that a shopper can scan via a bespoke Hointer app. The denim selected can either be purchased or automatically sent to a fitting room through behind-the-scene robotics and chutes. The Hointer experience eliminates having to dig through piles of clothes to find a size or having to carry multiple items around the store. The video attached shows the Hointer experience.

Hointer is tech-powered retail. Tech-powered retail not only creates a unique and seamless shopping experience, but also reduces the cost to retailers. Also, it provides hassle-free solutions such as direct-to-fitting-room system and mobile checkout.

Hointer is only one of the many examples of technology integrated into traditional retail spaces. Brands that adopt new in-store technologies enable consumers to discover new things and explore on their own terms. Thanks to tech like Hointer’s, a shopping spree takes a whole new meaning.

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Written by Alayne Luistro
Alayne Luistro

February 22nd, 2013 at 8:58 pm

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