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FaceTush Towel

MKTG INC’s Cincinnati Office is often tasked with making uncomfortable topics talkable and sharable – things like tampons, digestive aids and wipes for your derrière (yeah – we went there!). So how do you take something like a moist towelette for your nether regions and get bloggers to write about it? Well – you give them something fun that they can’t help but share with the masses.

Thus – the Tush towel was born!

The creative team works on programs for a word-of-mouth community called Vocalpoint to get samples and coupons in the hands of people that love to use, talk and share about products. But when faced with something not-so-fun to talk about – the challenge was to give the blogger no other option than to chat about it!

The advocacy concept for the campaign was that you wouldn’t bathe with just a dry towel and expect to get clean. After marinating on that – the creative team thought, “Let’s give them a dry towel to go with the product and drive that concept home!” But you just can’t give a blogger any old towel and expect them to spend their precious time blogging about it – so the team went with something funny. A two-sided towel: one side for your face and the other side for your tush! Throw some branding and fun colors on it as well as a full-size sample of the product and your blogger kit is ready to go.

The blogger kit was a success with bloggers across the nation sharing their pics of the towel as well as (and more importantly) their thoughts on the product! With over 5,000 product reviews – this campaign has definitely done it’s job.

Written by: Heather Johnson

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March 12th, 2013 at 4:48 pm

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