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Cracking Mary’s Gone Crackers

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marys_three_productsPhoto Credit: Mary’s Gone Crackers

Recently, I had the honor of joining the MKTG INC team in San Francisco as creative director after we pitched and successfully won the Mary’s Gone Crackers account. The more I found out about the brand, the more drawn I was to the vision of founder Mary Waldner.

I attended a talk by Mary earlier this month in San Francisco where she gave an impassioned speech on the trials and hurdles of starting her own business from her kitchen and building it into one of the most successful organic brands today. Mary had been diagnosed with celiac disease (an allergy to gluten) that prompted her to start making her own gluten-free, organic, vegan food to bring to events, parties and picnics. Her friends remarked that her snacks were tasty and so she began the journey to produce them for market. Leaving behind the comfort of her therapy practice of 20 years, Mary and her husband Dale devoted 10 years to building the beloved brand.

Her mission was to change the way people looked at what they eat, rid cupboards of toxic food and help heal the planet. You couldn’t help but admire Mary for taking a bad situation, persevering and making a positive change in the world. As an organic-eating, vegetarian, working on the Mary’s Gone Crackers brand was kismet.

After the MKTG INC San Francisco office was awarded the business, it became clear how we could make a change in the world; to help Mary’s Gone Crackers become a household name here and abroad. We want to educate people on the power of healthy, organic eating that transforms not only people’s lives but also the health of the planet. To be able to work with the MKTG INC team, apply my craft and make a difference in the world is like having my cracker and eating it too.

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July 22nd, 2013 at 2:56 pm

NIKE Shows NYC How to #TrainFree

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925xTaGITx0NcYbHmRoWb158J6K8mIS4WU7YDevJVjEPhoto Credit: Greg Morris

On June 19th, MKTG INC and Nike showed NYC what it means to #TRAINFREE. 5 teams, each led by a Nike trainer, took to the streets of Brooklyn for high intensity workouts in some of BKs most iconic locations.

To kick off the night, the group headed to Brooklyn on their own Nike branded ferry, crossing the river as the sun begin to set on the NYC skyline. Celebrity trainer to the stars (Beyonce, Rihanna, and Alicia Keys to name a few), Ary Nunez, issued a challenge to the teams: earn more Fuel than your competitors. The teams took over Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pearl Street Plaza and the Manhattan Bridge Archway decked out head-to-toe in Nike and the new Free Bionic shoe.

With 30 minutes of hard work behind them, the teams headed back over the river for an after party at Beauty and Essex. NY Giants RB David Wilson (best known for his back flip skills) met with the ladies and congratulated the winning team while the ladies ate, drank and danced the night away.

Written by: Lauren Koenig

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