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$ocial Curr€ncy

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Social currency is one of those buzzwords that gets tossed around quite frequently. In its simplest form it’s the totality of the resources that arise from the interactions that take place in social networks or communities, online or off.

Today it is used more in relation to the various online social networks that have cropped up in the last decade—the application, however, remains the same. But let’s take a quick peek down the rabbit hole; what happens when you take social currency to a literal interpretation? That’s when things start to get interesting, where traditional approaches merge with the current, in retrospect, ironic but innovate applications. When you take a literal approach to social currency, you find yourself face to face with a budding trend in the experiential marketing space—interactive socially enabled vending machines. Brands have been increasingly reinventing these ubiquitous traditional retail experiences over the past few years with a social twist, the utilization of your social interaction as actual currency.

Initially, this took the form of kiosks that distributed samples or swag in return for a hashtagged tweet (BOS Ice Tea – ‘Bev’), Foursquare check-in (Nokia – Gift Machine), or Facebook like (Nestlé – Chocolike). But has since evolved to incorporate your offline social interactions: hugs (Coca-Cola – Hug Me), hand holding (Milka – Dare to be Tender), dancing (Coca-Cola – Coke Dance), and rugby tackles (Salta – Rugbeer)?

Silliness aside, the common thread among these examples was that they were all instantly shareable, discussable, and in essence viral. Each activation featured highly targeted and exceptionally socially relevant placement that primed participants to share; and for the respective brands engendered true social currency along the way. But then again, who wouldn’t if a vending machine dispensed a kayak on your way to work (Tourism British Columbia – The BC Moments Machine).

Can we see tweets, increasingly complex handshakes, or gangnam style horse dances replacing cold hard cash in the next five years? Probably not, but with the advent of wireless and wallet free payment methods, new paradigms of business are definitely just around the horizon.

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Charlie Horsey’s Been BIZZY

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MKTG INC Chairman & CEO Charlie Horsey recently sat down with BizBash to discuss Super Fans and the steps companies are taking to embrace them. What’s a Super Fan and why should you care about them?

Read more here: “Why Event Marketers Are Focusing on Super Fans” & “8 Tips for Creating Events for Super Fans

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Written by Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick

September 19th, 2013 at 3:48 pm

Are You Ready for Some Football?

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The day is finally here. It has been more than 200 days since we last watched a professional football game (American football that is). TONIGHT the Denver Broncos host the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens in the inaugural game of the National Football League’s season (known to some as Kickoff). But lets be honest, do football fans really care who wins this game tonight? No. They care how many touchdowns Peyton Manning throws and how many yards Ray Rice runs for. It’s all about Fantasy Football. No matter what league you play in, you’ll be glued to the TV to watch your Fantasy wide receiver, not wonder how the Ravens will play without their pre-game speech from Ray Lewis.

Today kicks off one of the best weekends of the year. This is where Fantasy managers find out if their 1st round draft pick was really the right pick and  if their “sleeper” really turns out to be the best pick of the draft.

Whether your team name is “Give em Flacco” or “Natural Born Spillers” good luck this weekend….you’ll need it.

Written by: Liz McKeon

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