What Do You #RunFor?

Expo BoothPhoto Credit: Michael Mauro

When you think of Pittsburgh, you might think of the Industrial Revolution, Ben Roethlisberger or the old Three Rivers Stadium. But the city offers so much more: it’s home to a burgeoning digital sector, a youth movement and one of the most engaging marathons in the country. 36,000 runners cross three rivers, five bridges and pass 60+ bands to create an atmosphere that is unmatched anywhere else.

Operating in their own backyard, local BMOC and title sponsor of the race, Dick’s Sporting Goods, is right in the middle of it all. And this year MKTG INC got to go along for the ride. In the days leading up to the race, the city’s energy homed in on the convention center where locals and tourists alike come to the expo in droves. To capitalize on the footfall, MKTG INC partnered with DSG to redesign the expo space, most noticeably with the addition of a 16ft replica of the Roberto Clemente Bridge running down the middle. People came. And then they stopped. And took pictures. And more pictures. And some took engagement pictures (seriously).

Beyond the bridge, runners came to shop at the only official apparel retailer for the race and to join the #RunFor movement. With two opportunities to share their motivation, the space generated thousands of submissions and hundreds of photos posted to Twitter and Instagram.

But what about race day? As the bang from the starter’s pistol neared, DSG brand ambassadors were the first to greet runners and fans, some 30,000 strong, at the start line long. But most importantly, DSG focused on the runners. At Mile 24, as the runners headed towards the home stretch, a DSG emcee was there to welcome them, call them by name and remind them what they personally #RunFor. The adrenaline rush was obvious, as heads lifted, gritted teeth turned to smiles, and slow trots turned to…slightly faster trots.

As the last runner – a firefighter in full gear with his engine behind him – passed the Mile 24 station, it was clear that MKTG INC and DSG had left their imprint on the race and on the city. That’s exactly what we #RunFor.

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