What’s In Your Wallet?

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Have you looked at your business card recently? If not you should. MKTG INC’s cards are known for their unique perspective and purpose. Each month, this column takes a look at the business cards of our coworkers and unveils the real stories behind them. Here’s the story behind the business card of  Carolyn Onorato, Assistant Account Executive, in MKTG INC’s New York City office and one of the office’s biggest personalities. You cannot help but smile in this girl’s presence. She’s that much fun.

The text from the back of the card is in red, with Carrie’s explanation following. Enjoy!


You probably aren’t aware of this, but Carrie is kind of a big deal
Quoting movies while being extremely humble about how great I am is part of my charm. It’s how I have so many friends in the office. 60% of the time, it works every time.

First off, she’s an amazing singer. Loud and proud, downright ear-shattering. Go ahead and ask her for a sample. 
Even though I may not turn any chairs around on The Voice, my dolphin impression is National Geographic-worthy. If only they had a competition for that!

Secondly, she’s best friends with Mary Kate and Ashley – BEST BEST besties forever and ever.
Normally, my Lips Are Sealed when it comes to discussing my celebrity friends, but I guess I can spare a New York Minute to fill you all in. We actually grew up together. Their father, AKA Billboard Dad, worked at a billboard company and was gone most weekends so they would always crash at my house. It was a Full House for the large majority of our childhood, however when the three of us studied abroad, we were desperate for a Holiday in the SunThe Challenge was seeing everything when we had So Little Time. We took our Passports to Paris and tried Winning London, however we had the most fun When in Rome. Overall the experience was life changing and you know what they say, “It Takes Two” to tango, but three to party!

Lastly and most importantly, she runs our client Diageo’s mobile wine bar program, so she brings wine to the thirsty, wine-less masses. Like we said: Big. Fricking. Deal.
I have an extremely exquisite palate and love what I do. I can instantly tell the difference between a glass of red or white wine, which is a skill not many posses. But in all seriousness, like they said before, I’m a BIG FRICKING DEAL and you could learn a lot from me if you just ask!

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