Young Chicago Authors Visit MKTG Chicago

MKTG Chicago recently welcomed 12 students from “The Louder than a Bomb Squad” to their office for a full day last week.

The program is part of the group “Young Chicago Authors”(YCA) that has been a staple in the Chicago hip-hop and poetry community since 1991. Some of the our favorite acts to come out of Chicago got a start at YCA events (cough, Chance the Rapper, cough, Jamila Woods, cough).

Friend of MKTG and Founder Kevin Coval, along with his team, work to create a community of young people in Chicago that is rooted in poetry all while prioritizing giving a platform to youth that is exposed to violence and segregation on a daily basis. These students participate in programs, in school and out, as well as perform at YCA open mics, and Louder than a Bomb (the largest poetry slam in the country).

The Louder than a Bomb Squad is a six-week long apprenticeship open to twelve students. This year, in their last week of their program, Kevin Coval brought these students to the MKTG Chicago office. We shared our space and materials, and sat-in with them for a writing workshop. Later, we enjoyed lunch as a group and the MKTG team spoke to these poets about our respective career journeys. Finally, we worked with these young poets to help them develop their professional bios that they could take with them as they continued their journeys as artists.

We’re excited to continue our relationship with YCA and Kevin Coval to continue sharing our sskill setand resources in whatever ways we can to support such an important project.


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August 18th, 2017 at 3:59 pm

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