Hospitality and Events Collective Volunteer Day

The Hospitality and Events departments of Westport, CT and Charlotte, NC each spent a great day in October volunteering in their local communities in an effort to give back and bond as a team.

The Westport team spent their night at the New Covenant Center in Stamford. The New Covenant Center started as a food kitchen, and is now a full pantry and resource center for the homeless in southern Fairfield County, offering hot meals, take-home groceries, shower and laundry facilities, and even a drop-in medical clinic. Via the connection from colleague Kathryn Rambo, who volunteers with the Center on a regular basis, the team got involved with the Center’s Social Night of Service, where they worked together to prepare a full meal that will be served to the NCC patrons the next day. This involved making meatloaf, chopping potatoes, making brownies, and finding the best way to fold silverware into a napkin with no string! At the end, the team got to celebrate a job well done by enjoying the meal together that night. For more information on the New Covenant Center, please visit them at

Meanwhile, the Charlotte Hospitality & Events team enjoyed a day of service on Friday, October 27th. The team served lunch at the Charlotte Rescue Mission, which is a residential recovery program that help men and women struggling with addiction achieve long-term sobriety. The team helped set the tables, prepare/serve the food and were able to sit and enjoy conversations with the residents throughout the meal. The Charlotte H&E team enjoyed this community outreach opportunity so much that they are planning to make it a monthly initiative for the entire Charlotte office! For more information on the Charlotte Rescue Mission and their work, please visit them at

But Westport and Charlotte weren’t the only ones to give back. Remote colleague Kati Kasch spent a snowy day in Colorado helping the Denver Rescue Mission prepare and serve meals to 800 of those people in need.

The experience as a whole helped the teams gain knowledge about the needs in their local communities and how they can help. We hope everyone can find some time this year to volunteer for an organization they are passionate about, as we did.

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Written by Kelly Lewis
Kelly Lewis

November 2nd, 2017 at 4:46 pm

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