MKTG and FETCH pull out all the stops for MAGRITTE in SF

MKTG San Francisco partnered with our sister agency, Fetch, to add an experiential activation to their promotion of the current Rene Magritte exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). Historically, SFMOMA sees high traffic for featured exhibits in the first and last months, with a slight dip during the middle months. After much back and forth, we landed on a Pedicab activation in which MKTG was in charge of sourcing pedicabs to offer free rides from popular SF destinations (think Ferry Building and Union Square) to the museum.

MKTG worked with Fetch to create graphic wraps for the Pedicabs and built photo frame and graphic backdrop extensions to help the cabs stick out amongst the many others around the city. Along the ride, drivers were dressed in uniforms depicting the popular Son of Man painting, provided trivia information to the riders, and offered “Golden Tickets” for a free ticket into the SFMOMA if they posted on a social media platform using the exhibit hashtag.

Riders (or in some cases, their dogs) could wear a bowler hat prop with an apple adhered (based on the Son of Manpainting), to add a little flare to the photos. The cabs were out offering rides for eight total days throughout September, highlighting weekends and the Labor Day holiday. While Fetch was in charge of the graphic designs and communication with the SFMOMA team, MKTG sourced the pedicabs, drivers, and props – while leading logistics, route planning, and working with our fabrication team to build the extensions onto the pedicabs. We have seen great feedback on social media and have had countless people ask drivers about the activation. If you are in SF, make sure to check out the Magritte Exhibit by October 28th!

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September 21st, 2018 at 12:41 pm

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