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Pour Me a Gallon of Authenticity

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An excerpt from the PayDay newsletter, brought to you by the Chicago Strategy Team.

Bill Nye: This is an Actual Crisis

Bill Nye: This is an Actual Crisis (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver)



When Pantone announced that “Living Coral” was the 2019 Color of the Year, many were quick to point out the irony considering that over 50% of the world’s coral reefs have been lost in the past 30 years.

In response, Pantone, Adobe Stock, and non-profit The Ocean Agency, came together to draw attention to this plight with “Glowing Glowing Gone — a set of 3 colors matching the fluorescent tones coral give off just prior to death.


Pantone joins the ranks of many well-intentioned brands who have been met with scrutiny (or worse) when they mix social or environmental statements with brand marketing. If a brand’s message feels inauthentic or tone deaf to a consumer, they are quick to call the brand on it.

Rather than issue an apology, Pantone doubled down on their original intent — leveraging creativity and the beauty of their greatest influence (color) to evoke emotion and create awareness for a cause the brand is committed to both actively and authentically.


Y Pulse notes that brands who express their “personality, relevance, influence, and momentum” are most attractive to Millenials and Gen Zs. MKTG CHI clients Nike and American Eagle are leaders in this pack.

As key co-creators with brands that stand for something,” it’s important to remember just how much the experiences we create shape brand perception. How a brand comes to life IRL is often the consumers tangible proof that a double down statement is actually authentic.


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July 9th, 2019 at 3:13 pm

San Francisco Volunteer Day

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SF Team at SF Marin Food Bank


Despite RFPs and client deadlines, the San Francisco office carved out a couple of hours one day in June to give back to the community by sorting donated food at the San Francisco Marin Food Bank. 

This organization has been in operation for over 30 years serving our immediate San Francisco and Marin communities with a mission to end hunger and support the health and well-being of families. 


Food Bank Walk Through


Here is what we learned throughout the day: 

⭐️ 48 million pounds of food are distributed each year from this one center

⭐️ About two decades ago, they started “Farm to Family” by partnering with farmers in the Central Valley of California to include farm-fresh produce in their inventory

⭐️ The SF Marin Food Bank relies heavily on volunteers like us (among 40,000 annually) to help sort, pack, and distribute food every day

⭐️ All of the produce is turned over to the community within 72 hours from donation, which means that volunteers are saving a lot of foods from going to waste

⭐️ In the warehouse last week (looked a lot like Costco!), there were 2 million pounds of food waiting to be distributed

⭐️ In the couple of hours we worked, we were able to sort through 15,660 pounds of food


Lastly, it was a shock to find out that only 15% of the foods are going to the homeless; the majority are going to everyday people. 1 in 4 residents in San Francisco and Marin Counties are at risk of hunger. 144,000 people receive food each week, and we are still at a shortage. For those who did not have RFPs or client deadlines, we then went to a favorite local patio bar to reflect on the experience and also celebrate June birthdays and kick off Pride weekend!


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July 9th, 2019 at 2:15 pm

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