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MKTG CEO Charlie Horsey: Growing Strategically within the Dentsu Aegis Network

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Dentsu Aegis Network’s (DAN) UNBOXED series out of the US spotlights innovation, collaboration and talent. The most recent episode, Growing Strategically, takes a deeper dive into the importance of well-thought-out mergers and acquisitions within DAN from the perspective of leaders from acquired agencies within the group. MKTG was acquired by DAN in August of 2014, and CEO Charlie Horsey discusses the seamless integration of MKTG into the Network and how it has greatly benefitted not only clients, but our employees and culture.

–Contributed by MKTG Global Communications team

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Written by Andrea D'Alessandro
Andrea D'Alessandro

October 5th, 2016 at 10:42 am

MKTG INC HQ Has Officially Moved!

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While we are sad to leave our first home in Chelsea Market, we are excited to finally move into our new home located at 32 Avenue of the Americas! Check out the video below for a sneak peek of our exciting journey!


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Written by Paige McConney
Paige McConney

July 14th, 2015 at 12:11 pm

May the 4th Be With You

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For most of us, today is just another Monday. But for Star Wars superfans, it’s a day to celebrate the intergalactic phenomenon that continues to have an impact on filmmaking, pop culture trends, and the concept of an alternate reality where a woman with two buns on the side of her head is both desirable and very attainable.

As someone who is, at best, indifferent to the Star Wars legacy, my interest was piqued when I stumbled on an article that depicted May 4th as the biggest holiday on Star Wars fans’ calendars. An entire day dedicated to Luke Skywalker & Co.? I admit, even I was curious to discover what it was all about.

And here’s what I got.

Choosing the month of May was no coincidence. Not only did the saga debut on May 25th, but George Lucas’ birthday was May 14th, and has served as the traditional start date of the notable Star Wars Weekends in Disney World. But the term itself was first put to paper in 1979, when author Alan Arnold recalled the manner in which Margaret Thatcher celebrated her victory as becoming Britain’s first female prime minister. Upon being elected, Thatcher’s party turned a half page of advertising space in the London Evening News into a literary dedication to Star Wars, officially coining the line, “May the 4th” and further proving the extent to which the films have influenced the masses.

With the anticipated release of The Force Awakens, this year seems to be an especially exciting one for Star Wars fans, as companies and brands are discovering new ways to be inspired by the saga. In the UK, Sky announced that fans will be able to live stream all six films, back to back over a 48-hour period, beginning today. A Japanese Airline is in the process of creating an R2-D2 Jet, a 787-9 Dreamliner that is set to hit skies this fall as part of a five-year Star Wars project. And need I mention the memorabilia, activities, and ways in which fans are able to express their inner Star Wars nerdom? It’s practically endless. (i.e., this, this, and that).

Will you celebrate Star Wars Day? Has this cluster of newly found, slightly dorky knowledge convinced you to learn more? Maybe, maybe not. But there is something to be said for a cinematic saga that, after 38 years since its initial release, still has the power to consistently inspire and influence people (and Halloween parties) all over the world.

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Guest Q&A: American Sports Journalist Bonnie Bernstein

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Bonnie CI final 72dpiPhoto Credit: Jeff Parks

For this month’s Guest Column, we sat down with Bonnie Bernstein, American sports journalist and executive with a 20 year career. Currently Vice President, Content & Brand Development and On-Air Host for Campus Insiders, Bonnie was named one of the most accomplished female sportscasters in history by the American Sportscasters Association. Additionally, she freelances for The Dan Patrick ShowESPNespnW and DirecTV and serves as a guest commentator on several news networks, including MSNBCNBC and FOX News Channel. Bonnie shares her thoughts and expertise on the world of sports, broadcasting and public health.


How did you get your start as a sports broadcaster?
I decided when I was 12 or 13 that I wanted to be a sports writer, majored in broadcast journalism at the University of Maryland, then landed my first gig out of school at a start-up country radio station in Lewes, DE, called KIX 106. I was the News and Sports Director–a much more glamorous title than the job actually entailed! I’d wake up at 4:30 every morning for hourly studio updates from 6-9am, then head out in our white, clunky van adorned with a massive cowboy boot on the side and drive up and down the state of Delaware, covering everything from city council meetings to state politics to local high school basketball games. It was a blast and a tremendous learning experience… and I actually grew to love country music (Which, for a kid from NJ, was something you’d probably not expect!)

What’s your favorite part about broadcasting?
I love the adrenaline rush of “live.” It’s the closest thing I’ve ever felt to the actual rush of athletic competition (I did gymnastics for 14 years, all the way through college). You’re spewing information into a microphone and you have precisely one shot to get it right. I also love storytelling. There’s nothing better than gleaning a piece of information from someone or eliciting an anecdote from an interview subject he or she is sharing for the first time. Knowing even the most informed fan will walk away thinking, “Huh. Didn’t realize that” is a great feeling!

What is your favorite sporting event to attend each year, working and then as a fan?
Don’t really have a favorite in either category. I’d just say championship games, in general. Super Bowl, College Football Playoff Championship, Final Four. It’s the culmination of a season’s worth of hard work for both teams, but only one will be crowned when the clock expires. The biggest thrill, quite frankly, is being on the field/court for postgame. Confetti’s flying everywhere. Emotions are soaring (or sinking, in the case of the losing team). And I get to be at the center of it all as we round up interviews with players and coaches!

Do you have a favorite team and if so what is it?
New York Giants. Been a rough couple of years for Big Blue, but I’m hopeful for next season, especially with the prospect of having Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham, Jr, healthy and on the field together! If Eli can’t get it done with those two, I just don’t know…

IMG_7738Photo Credit: Bonnie Bernstein

You have forayed your experience as a broadcaster to the boardroom. Can you tell us a little bit about what you are doing now?
I am the Vice President of Content and Brand Development for a new college sports network called Campus Insiders. It was an extraordinary entrepreneurial opportunity I couldn’t pass up! Essentially, I’m wearing two hats: I do a lot of on-air work during the college football season and March Madness for college hoops, but I also have the chance to touch other verticals of our business. I do everything from attending sales pitches and helping develop branded content concepts to working on PR/social media strategy to devising brand extensions for the network. It’s kinda like going to business school, but getting paid and the learning curve is truly invigorating!

In our research, we learned that you suffer from Deep Vein Thrombosis, as does one of our colleagues. Can you tell us a bit more about DVT, your story and what we can do to help?
I was diagnosed with DVT in 2006. A massive blood clot that ran the length of my entire left leg broke off and infiltrated both of my lungs (known as Pulmonary Embolism). I was just 36 years old, so for the many folks out there who feel blood clots only inflict the elderly, I can tell you first hand, that’s not the case. More than two million Americans suffer a DVT each year and and complications take the lives of more people than breast cancer and AIDS combined. The good news is, the condition is largely preventable, if you’re aware of the symptoms and risk factors. Common risk-factors include age (over 40), family history, obesity, smoking, (for women) use of estrogen-based birth control (the Pill, Nuvaring, etc) or hormone replacement therapy and frequent travel where you’re immobile for extended periods, such as long-haul flights. Additionally, if you’re being treated for cancer or heart disease or are having major surgery, you’re at increased risk for blood clots. If you’re experiencing leg pain, redness and/or swelling, shortness of breath or acute chest pain, it’s always best to check with your doctor to see if you may have suffered a clot. The rule of thumb is, if you have three or more risk factors, you are high-risk, but again, the point to hit home is that by and large, DVT is preventable.

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What’s in Your Wallet?

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Have you looked at your business card recently? If not you should. MKTG INC’s cards are known for their unique perspective and purpose (the latter being expressly to embarrass their bearer, natch). In our new column, we take a look at the business cards of our coworkers and hear the stories behind them.

As artists go, Ryan’s kind of weird.
I think it’s fair to say that the “weirdness” is not exclusively tied to being an artist… I am just odd in general.

He’s that rare breed that can blend high-minded artistry with hunker-down work ethic.
The stereotype of lazy artists needs to be shattered, and I am working tirelessly on breaking that glass ceiling. This is what everyone is referencing when they say “glass ceiling,” right?

No matter what he sets his mind to – whether he’s making cleverly crafted, artfully executed videos or baking up a batch of the best damn Irish Soda Bread you’ve ever had in your life.
My family is originally from Waterford, Ireland, and we have a family recipe for Irish Soda Bread that has been passed down for more than 150 years. My mother still has the original recipe in Gaelic, hidden in a safe box in our attic (probably next to my Star Wars figures).

This guy goes whole hog.
The expression “whole hog” had never entered my vocabulary until after this business card was written; I now use it daily. This is just to prove how “whole hog” I really am.

His recipe for success is simple: one part creative instinct, one part technical know-how, and one part good old-fashioned nose-to-the-grindstone. And the recipe works on film and in bread. 
Although the description here says it is simple, let me be honest with you: it’s not. The Irish Soda Bread recipe is extremely hard, which is why I only make it once a year. The film part is really simple; that stuff you can just shoot on your iPhone.

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The “Real Work” of Gatorade

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This year, Gatorade has been challenging the young football athletes of the globe to show us their real work through an online contest called “Unreal Around the World,” in which athletes upload a video of themselves putting in the real work necessary to give a great performance on the pitch. The athletes behind the top five winning videos will win a trip around the world with stops at the top football meccas of the world, such as the Gatorade Sports Science Institute in Bradenton, Florida,  London, Liverpool, AC Milan, FC Barcelona, Boca Juniors in Buenos Aires, Argentina), and Rio de Janeiro. To support the contest, MKTG INC is giving a taste of an unreal experience to a few elite footballers in London and New York.

On 26 May 2014, at the esteemed Emirates Stadium, 120 local athletes from academies were invited to take part in a competition that was like no other. Wearing technology that measured their biometric output, the teams were sent out to a divided pitch and started with rotations of small-sided games. Members of the Arsenal tech staff were on the sidelines providing their own assessments via an iPad scoring system. Athletes were awarded extra points for creativity and athletic ability.

Based on their scores from the wearable technology and the iPad scoring system, the top 12 overall players and the top 3 keepers were identified and highlighted in a final challenge of football drills. Drills were measured by time, creativity and accuracy.

The emotion of these athletes was intense; never before have they scored a goal to see a reaction of pyrotechnics, smoke and streamers, all in Emirates Stadium. One of the Arsenal legends, Martin Keown, made an appearance and awarded the top athletes with some words of wisdom and a congratulatory message.

Unreal Around the World will visit the New York area on May 30 at Sinatra Park in Hoboken, NJ.

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Apps of Our Eye

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Everyday there seems to be a new “revolutionary” camera app for the iPhone, but OGGL is something truly special. Created by the same developers behind the legendary Hipstamatic app, OGGL builds off the Hipsta platform but adds a few additional features. Similar to other photo effect apps that come already installed with an array of filters, OGGL supplies the user with the famous lenses and films that have helped changed the photography landscape over the last century.

The app’s interface allows you to combine any film and lens together to create a new photo style – from the Hornbecker and Buckhorst H1 lenses to Ina’s 1982 and US1776 films. What’s also interesting about this app is its community aspect – you can share your photo with the OGGL community, select any member’s photo, cook up your own combination, and add any user’s lens/film recipe to your own favorites for future use.


Video 2 Photo iOS app allows you to edit videos right from your iPhone. The program is dead simple, effective and has a clean interface. The app means you can create great photo compositions even from a collection of random still photos and/or video clips.

Written by: Mark Grundland

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Written by Admin

October 23rd, 2013 at 5:11 pm

How Brands Are Taking a Bite Out of Content

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We all know content is king, but these days the platform used to share that content has become just as important as the content itself. Consumers’ content consumption has changed. With busy, hectic lives, today’s consumers seek content that can be easily accessed and quickly grasped. Various platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Vine have its own point of difference.


Bite-sized content, often visually based (images or videos), have made it easy for consumers to digest information and cull what’s really relevant.


And in a world full of noise and diminishing attention spans (roughly 2.8 seconds), brands now have to be more creative than ever to grab consumers’ attention—let alone engage with them.


Take Vine, for instance. Lowe’s leveraged Vine’s 6-second and looping feature to share fun, very short, yet informational life-hack videos. Another example is Airbnb leveraged Vine’s 6-second feature to develop a crowd-sourced short film, culled from over 750 submissions, called Hollywood & Vines.

Bite-sized content allows people to consume content on the fly—whenever they want, on whatever device they choose. It provides people with enough information to know about a topic and enough of a teaser so they can seek out more they’re hungry for it. It is a very effective method for building awareness, providing variety and promoting social sharing.

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A Half Million & Counting…

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Click on image to view video.

Click on image to view video.

On June 5th, MKTG INC helped Nestlé Waters launch resource natural spring water by showing New Yorkers something they had never seen before: Electrolytenment.

What’s Electrolytenment? “Water that sustains your well-being” is the official Nestlé answer, but we brought to life with a dazzling, one-of-a-kind water production that featured breathtaking aerial choreography, acrobatic dance, and mind-bending electrolyte projections that seemingly appeared out of thin air.

The story follows a woman attempting to do yoga in a busy city park, who mentally escapes to a world of Electrolytenment as she discovers the power of resource and its naturally-occurring electrolytes.

Creating an original theatrical production of this magnitude was a first for MKTG INC and for Nestlé Waters, so we turned to the experts for guidance: Airealistic’s Gregg Curtis, a former Cirque du Soleil aerial director, and his cohorts, Gwyn Larson and Bill Mulholland, creators of the spectacular New York City water show, Fuerza Bruta. Together with our internal team, we set out to launch a brand in a completely unique and truly creative way.

The results speak for themselves: the highlight video of the event just surpassed a half million views at the time this was written, and two more videos are on the way…a behind-the-scenes video and the full-length show.

Actress Alyssa Milano kicked off the evening, which also featured resource’s interactive Fountain of Electrolytenment, scrumptious appetizers, our specially made Electro-elation cocktail, and of course, bottles and bottles of resource natural spring water. By the end of the night, one thing was clear (besides the water)…the resource launch was an unparalleled success.

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Internet pioneers

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First photo online, posted by Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web)

First photo online, posted by Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web)

At MKTG INC, we’re for leading the way, especially when it comes to building the brands of our clients with exciting new technologies.

So today we tip our hat to the digital pioneers, with a fun little compilation of Internet firsts: first email, first website, first banner ad, you get the idea. And if you think you’ve heard all this before, I bet you didn’t know that the first photo posted online was of the comedy girl group Les Horribles Cernettes.

Remember, you heard it here first.

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Written by Christopher Skinner
Christopher Skinner

May 8th, 2013 at 8:00 pm