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MKTG Culture Tripping: Fashion

Fashion taps the art world for elevated collaborations

80% of global youth say that art/design is important to their life so it is no surprise that the realms of art and fashion, who have long enjoyed a rich and symbiotic history continue this trend. We’re seeing an increase in the number of co-branded fashion and art collaborations as brands recontextualize the cultural significance of important artworks for creating clothing and accessories that are simple in appearance with a lot going on beneath the surface.

These imaginative and unexpected partnerships are proving to be sweet spots for brands – and consumers. They create consumer demand, fuels cross-industry outcome and of course, offers the freshest styles.

Three great reads below…

READ: Vans x Vincent Van Gogh

READ: Calvin Klein x Andy Warhol

READ: Cos x dia and dorthea rockburne


Contributed by Bibi Persaud, MKTG NYC


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Written by Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick

August 30th, 2018 at 1:30 pm

4As Featured Talk with Bibi Persaud at their HQ


MKTG’s very own super strategist Bibi Persaud was invited by the 4As (American Association of Advertising Agencies) to be the featured guest at their new 4A’s Culture Club Breakfast series – morning motivational conversations that are intimate and casual and meant to spark conversation.

In conjunction with Women’s Equality Day, as a female leader, the 4As invited Bibi to share her personal journey and reflect on the lessons she’s learned throughout her career journey.

Bibi talked about what it means to be a multicultural female in the industry – and in the world –  in a candid and real way, yet, filled with inspiration and rich dialogue. She also talked about how her daughters are teaching her about the world they’d like to grow up in.

Bibi happily reported that the conversation was honest and engaging and was very well-received – a provocative conversation that left everyone inspired to start their day. The audience was comprised of mostly women across the organization and it was wonderful to see men join this incredibly active conversation.

Many thanks to the 4As for inviting Bibi to help lead this important conversation! Bibi rocks.




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Written by Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick

August 29th, 2018 at 10:39 am

MKTG Again Named One of the Best In the Industry

MKTG was again named to the Event Marketer IT LIST!

Thanks to the staff and judges for this great honor.

Here’s what they had to say:

“The New York City-based Dentsu Aegis-owned agency is pumping up support of work-life balance in its offices with a new employee-targeted program called Get A Life. Staffers are given $500 to spend on their own personal development—whether it be surf lessons, a gym membership or an academic course or class. The agency “feels that supporting our folks outside the office and encouraging them to try new things is imperative.” Beefing up its b-to-b offerings as b-to-c clients have asked for some of MKTG’s “special sauce” to plus-up their business events.”

Thanks to everyone at MKTG, our amazing clients and partners for helping make this happen. #MyMKTG

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Written by Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick

August 22nd, 2018 at 8:41 am

Bio Freeze at the San Francisco Marathon

Over this past weekend, the MKTG team helped Biofreeze emerge into the marketplace by making a cool appearance at the 2018 San Francisco Marathon!  At the expo, the Biofreeze Secret Weapon Room provided runners and supporters the opportunity to view course secrets, customize race gear and take a photo that was later compiled into a Biofreeze mosaic at the finish line.

We did not stop there.  Biofreeze showed up loud and proud at three different locations on-course.  At mile 19.5, runners passed through the “relief zone” to feel product’s instant relief which helped them achieve their personal best.  Overall, a successful weekend for Biofreeze as they supported the runners achieve their personal best.  Up next: Chicago and New York!


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Written by Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick

July 31st, 2018 at 5:22 pm

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Another Amazing California Teachers Summit For the Books

For the fourth year running, MKTG developed and produced the only live statewide day of learning for teachers offered in the state of California – and it was free!

This year’s “Better Together: The California Teachers Summit” theme “It’s Personal: Meeting the Needs of Every Student” brought together new and seasoned teachers to strengthen their teacher network, share resources and experience what it looks like to personalize learning for their students within a day of personalized learning for themselves.

Thousands of teachers joined in person and via livestream at 30+ colleges and universities across California, with #BetterTogetherCA trending on Twitter again this year.

The team pulled out all of the stops! From concepting and producing the entire program they excelled at working with the client to develop the agenda, hire the keynote speaker, laisse with all presenters, develop invites, handle registration, develop collateral, and create this new dynamic Online Resource Guide and nearly 200 slides of content, simulcasting the entire event live to all locations, gathering questions for the live teacher panel, delivering the keynote’s Q&As via posted videos, and even closed the show with a sizzle reel containing content from the day of the event!

One of the highlights of this year’s event was a keynote by Sir Ken Robinson that took place at CSU Fullerton and was simulcast to all sites. Sir Ken is an internationally acclaimed expert on creativity and innovation and author of, “Finding Your Element”, “The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything” and “Out of Our Minds.” His TED talk on developing an education system that nurtures creativity holds the illustrious title of “most popular TED talk of all time.” In fact, videos of his famous talks to the prestigious TED Conference are the most viewed in the history of the organization and have been seen by an estimated 300 million people in over 150 countries!

A teacher, writer, researcher and adviser, Sir Ken spoke about the need for a learning revolution. He also made the case for a radical shift in education — from standardizing learning to personalizing learning — so that all students’ natural talents can flourish. Sir Ken’s remarks at CSU Fullerton were simulcast to all 30 sites across California. If you’d like to see Sir Ken’s talk, please email and we’ll send you the link once it’s ready.

Take a minute to enjoy the stage selfies submitted from across the state and the final sizzle video (to double as a fundraising sizzle to ensure this event happens again next year!)

Congratulations to the entire team for this huge effort. You brought your best and made a mark in the lives of those who teach our leaders of tomorrow.

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Written by Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick

July 31st, 2018 at 4:27 pm

MKTG4GOOD: Goodies for the Troops

As part of our MKTG ongoing initiative to give back, our Crown Royal team brought together MKTG and DAN agencies for the opportunity to support Crown Royal’s partner “Packages from Home,” a program that encourages consumers to support overseas US troops by creating care packages through stuffing specially-branded Crown Royal bags with their top needs. The mission of Packages From Home is to send care and comfort packages to deployed American military heroes who are stationed in active duty locales around the world, as well as to facilitate activities that elevate morale of all veterans.

MKTG lead the effort and reached out to all DAN US Agencies asking them to participate, commit at least $500 in supplies and guarantee volunteers. The response was awesome. We’re thrilled to report that 651 goodie bags and personalized notes were pulled together last Thursday at many MKTG and DAN offices across the US, as well as the DAN HQ in midtown Manhattan. With another two offices to go, we are expecting to pack over 1,250 bags! The goodie bags (plush royal purple drawstring bags) were stuffed to the gills with treats like Slim Jims, Oreos, Fruit Snacks, Pringles, Pop Tarts, Crystal Lite On-The-Go, Peanut Butter packets, and most importantly, a signed postcard of gratitude and well wishes.

Many thanks to everyone that participated, especially those that took the time to organize the many elements needed to make this important initiative a success. Enjoy the photos below from the various offices having fun while giving back.

If you’d like to learn more about Packages from Home, visit





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Written by Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick

July 31st, 2018 at 4:07 pm

MKTG4GOOD: CT Challenge

For the second year running, a team of ten riders from MKTG NYC and Westport took to their bikes to raise money for cancer survivors of all ages through the organization MISSION ( Called the CT Challenge, the MKTG Gearheads raised DOUBLE what was raised last year, a whopping $6,875, to help MISSION send kids to summer camp, aid in college tuition, run confidence-building adventure trips for young adults and supply young cancer survivors visits to Mission’s Training Center.

Many thanks to our riders, and the numerous MKTG employees who came out to volunteer starting early in the am and extending into the evening celebration!

Also, we also created these snazzy rider shirts and ordered some extras for the MKTG Store that we are selling and giving the proceeds to MISSION. So please visit the Store and pick yours up today! And…we have until October 15th to keep fundraising, so if anyone still wants to donate, they can do so here:

Well done Gearheads!



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Written by Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick

July 31st, 2018 at 4:01 pm

An Early Welcome to Monique Horan from MKTG Australia


If you know an Australian, you know they have a case of wanderlust and love to travel. There are many theories about why this is, but why question it? For anyone that’s met an Australian while out traveling, backpacking, pub hopping, I’m sure we all agree that we are happy that they have that homegrown trait as they’re a heck of a lot of fun!

In the spirit of adventure and collaboration and giving our employees great experiences, our friends at MKTG Australia have developed a program called The Global Employee Experience Program, or GEEP. The purpose of the program is to give one chosen employee each year the opportunity to work for two weeks outside of Australia on major client projects or events taking place during the chosen period. Their aim is to be a valuable addition to the team they join, as well as learning while being productive. They will develop learnings they can then bring back to enhance the team’s capabilities and offerings and will be required to chronicle their journey on social as well as present to the entire staff their learnings and what they reckon their team could do differently. It’s also an opportunity for the employee to develop professionally, develop their network and to deliver real and meaningful value back to the Australian team.

Out of the 12 outstanding submissions, a team of unbiased judges from around the world deliberated, and in the end, came to a unanimous vote in Monique (Mon) Horan! Congratulations Monique!

Please take a moment to view Monique submission video and we think you’ll see why the judges felt she’d be a great GEEP Ambassador. And get to know Mon a bit better by following her on Instagram @monhoran.

We will be welcoming Monique to New York City and Westport as soon as we determine the best two week period for her to be here working alongside our teams. We also will work closely as a global team with Matt Connell who runs MKTG Australia to learn from his first go around in the hopes to take those learnings and launch this program in a much larger way.

Stay tuned!








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Written by Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick

July 31st, 2018 at 1:03 pm

The Future of Sports

Epic Games incredibly popular Fortnite has been discussed on PAYDAY (the MKTG Chicago Strategy newsletter) before. Looking to capitalize on the cultural phenomenon that even had Drake playing, Epic announced a $100 million eSports investment. The plan was to bring the top Fortnite streamers together and have them compete March Madness style.  Unfortunately, the first two tournaments were disappointments. The first was canceled due to significant lag that made it impossible to play, and the second was clouded by accusations of cheating due to an underdog winning it all. But ultimately, Epic has failed at creating a unique viewing experience. The “broadcast” for fans is identical to watching YouTube or Twitch – which is fine for watching your favorite player but lacking for a large scale competition.

Overwatch, another popular online eSport game, had its finals at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and the differences in event execution were astonishing. The Overwatch broadcast resembled that of ESPN rather than Twitch, serving the existing audience while also easing in new viewers. More than 300,000 concurrent viewers tuned in online on Twitch for the finals and ESPN had their own broadcast on television. Over 22,434 fans came to watch live, which is more than the average attendance of the Brooklyn Nets games.

Fortnite’s biggest competitor, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds put on a major tournament themselves this past weekend in Berlin, and although nowhere near the popularity of Fortnite, blew the viewing experience out the water. For Fortnite it’s clear that the formula “biggest brand + loads of money” doesn’t work, and it’s an important reminder for us all that meaningful experiences win every time.

Contributed by Sina Iranikhah, MKTG Chicago

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Written by Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick

July 31st, 2018 at 12:50 pm

Welcome MKTG Trainees

We are thrilled to welcome our Summer/Fall 2018 US Trainee class that officially joined us last week in our Westport, New York City, Charlotte and Chicago offices.

MKTG’s unique and rewarding Trainee Program, founded in 2001 and growing year-over-year, targets college graduates seeking entry to the sports and lifestyle marketing industry. The program lasts for six months, at which point successful Trainees could be offered promotions to Coordinator level positions. 

This summer, 20 Trainees were chosen from nearly 2,000 (well 1,971 to be exact) applications and hail from USC (both the University of Southern California and University of South Carolina), University of Delaware, Indiana University, UNC Charlotte and Chapel Hill, Syracuse, University of Pennsylvania, UCONN, Bucknell, UMass, University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois-Chicago, University of Colorado, Montclair State and Johnson and Wales.

The trainees will work across the teams below:

-Creative project management


-New Business

-Client Services (various client teams)

-Sponsorship Strategy


-Hospitality and Events

-Research and Analytics (SRi)


We are so excited to welcome you all and very much looking forward to watching you grow and develop and use what you’re learning to help you jump start what we hope to be a hugely successful, rewarding career! Welcome!


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Written by Stephanie Rudnick
Stephanie Rudnick

July 17th, 2018 at 2:19 pm

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