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MKTG Atlanta Corporate 5K Challenge

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Last Friday, members from our MKTG Atlanta office banded together to participate in a Corporate 5K Challenge!

Produced by U.S Olympian and running expert Jeff Galloway, the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk & Fitness Program is a unique workplace-organized fitness promotion that kicks off with Get Active Atlanta!, an 8-week training program The event culminates in a downtown Corporate 5K Run/Walk and company picnic with Rupert’s Orchestra providing the entertainment. The Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk & Fitness Program is designed to promote health, wellness and fitness among metro Atlanta companies and their employees. A portion of proceeds benefits the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Back on My Feet and the Atlanta Braves Foundation.

See below to check out a few more photos from the run!


–Contributed by MKTG Atlanta

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Kevin Hart Brings 5K Challenge Back To His Hometown

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Hart_Run_Philly_8_29-26 copyPhoto Credit: Zack Hetrick

When you think ‘end of summer festivities,’ the essentials don’t usually include an impromptu 5k featuring Kevin Hart and Co., but Nike Run Club decided to shake things up this weekend and bring the heat to the City of Brotherly Love.

Thousands of participants (more like rockstars) gathered at the Philadelphia Art Museum at approximately 8:04AM on Saturday, August 29th to get active, get moving, and support healthy living. As a Philly native, Hart decided to make this run a special one and invited 76ers rookie, Jahlil Okafor and Comedian J.B. Smoove to join him. As expected, the people of Philly brought their A game and made it one of the biggest turnouts so far.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Nike Run Club online and follow them on Instagram @nikerunning for all of the latest and greatest news on where they’re headed next. From the looks of things, they aren’t stopping for a water break any time soon.

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Written by kcappuccilli

September 9th, 2015 at 10:33 am

All Those In Favor of A 5K With Kevin Hart Say “Nike Run Club

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Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 2.06.38 PMPhoto Credit: @kevinhart4real

We all know Kevin Hart is a pretty big deal in the comedy world (i.e., jokes like this), but what you may not know is that he recently teamed up with Nike Run Club to launch a program that is motivating people across the country to get up and get moving. Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof.

All jokes aside (last one, promise), Nike Run Club is more of a movement than a program; specifically designed to cater to all fitness levels. Whether you’re a seasoned runner looking for a change of pace, or a beginner training for your first 5K with Kevin Hart, Nike Run Club doesn’t disappoint.

For more information, visit the Nike Run Club online, or follow them on Instagram, @nikerunning.

Written by: Kristina Cappuccilli

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Written by Paige McConney
Paige McConney

August 12th, 2015 at 3:40 pm

The Flying Pig Marathon

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FlyingPigMarathonPhoto Credit:

If you’ve ever been to a marathon, you know how much fun they are to watch. The sounds are deafening, the excitement is contagious and the support is undeniable. Not only will you see people doggedly pursuing a life goal, you’ll see thousands of people lining the streets to cheer them on.  You’ll read signs like, “Beer at the next stop!,” “Think of the Pancakes!” and “Nice Butt!”

On May 5th, I’ll be lacing up my sneaks for my very first half-marathon: The Flying Pig Marathon. Like many other runners, my thoughts will be with the city of Boston as I cross the finish line, or in this case, the ‘finish swine.’*

My first race was a 5K named “Run Like Hell,” which took place at night with costumed runners. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun. As I neared the home stretch, suddenly I saw it…the finish line. Much to my surprise, I had run 3.1 miles without stopping, which was a first for me.

After the race, I called my sister (an experienced runner herself) to share my excitement about reaching the finish line. Her response? “That feeling never goes away, no matter how many races.” It turns out she was right. It hasn’t gone away.  In fact, it builds with every race.

The thing I love most about running is that you compete against yourself.  Sure, there are thousands of people around you, but they can’t make you run faster. They can’t make up for a skipped training day or a tightening muscle in your leg.  That’s what makes finishing so fulfilling. Those other runners are not the competition…they are your teammates, your compatriots, your friends; and while victory tastes sweet to each individual, when we finish, we do it together.

We are a family of runners.

*In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon tragedy, the Flying Pig Marathon will purchase and make available at their event blue wristbands inscribed with “Boston Strong.” Participants can purchase the bands for whatever amount they would like to give as a donation to One Fund Boston. All of the money will be sent directly to One Fund Boston at the conclusion of each race weekend.

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Written by khoran

April 29th, 2013 at 4:17 pm