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Merry Happy Christmas from MKTG LDN

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MKTGers, it’s holiday season at last, and for those of us in the UK office, that means terrific confusion on holiday traditions and vocabulary. To help alleviate the anxiety, below is glossary of holiday terms in common use over here in the British Isles. Brilliant.

1. Christmas “Sweater” vs Christmas “Jumper“: They both look equally tacky at Christmas parties, they’re just called something different on opposite sides of the pond. Likewise, you can jump in a jumper as easily as you can sweat in a sweater. Again, brilliant.jumper

2. Cheers: While Americans serve eggnog, an odd concoction of milk, sugar, eggs and brandy, during the holidays, the Brits have their own weird festive drink: the Wassail (from the phrase meaning “good health” in Old English), which consists of hot mulled cider or wine.  The common denominator in all of this is, of course…booze. Cheers indeed.

3. Christmas Crackers: We implore you, please do not eat a Christmas cracker, even if it does kind of look like a wrapped candy. A Christmas cracker is actually a gift tube that hold treats, bad jokes and paper crowns. The highly competitive moment when all family members converge to pull apart their crackers with a pop is the stuff of family legend across Britain. Word of advice, though: don’t try opening one on an airplane. Trust me on this point.

Children-pulling-a-Christ-007     4. The Royal Christmas Message: Every Christmas Day at 3pm, the Queen addresses all of the UK to personally wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. And to you, your majesty!

     5. Black Friday vs Boxing Day: The biggest shopping day of the year has different names on either side of the pond. In the US  it’s called Black Friday and happens the day after Thanksgiving. The British call their day Boxing Day, but it happens the day after Christmas and isn’t nearly as scary.

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When I was a small child an Advent calendar from my mom or grandma was a great gift to kick-off the holiday season and enabled me to hold out for Santa. A single small piece of chocolate from December 1st to Christmas Eve behind little cut-out windows in a house.

Well, Porshe has upgraded that original concept. And we’re talking MAJOR upgrade. Behind each day on this Advent calendar you’ll find things like gold watches and, um, a yacht. (How are they ever going to fit a yacht in one of those squares?!) The price for this extravagant holiday countdown? One million dollars. My budget tells me I’ll be sticking to the chocolate version this year.

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