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It’s All Greek to Margo

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Margo Greece

Deciding where to go on my MKTG INC Rewards Trip was the easy part – Greece had been at the top of my list for years. Now the tough part, who to take?  After lots of grappling, I asked my Dad what he thought of me taking my boyfriend.  What if we break up right after?  What if we get married & divorced and he’s in every picture?  After calling me insane, he offered the following wisdom:  “What if you get hit by a bus on your way home from work? Can’t stop your life for ‘what ifs,’ Margo.”  So, the decision was made and we packed our bags and headed to Greece just before beach weather eluded us.

After 11 hours, three movies, two flights and one panic attack (personal victory), we landed in Santorini, which was precisely when my heart stopped. I mean, it must have, because it was perfectly clear that what I saw is exactly what you see when you get to heaven.

We stayed at the Tsitouras Collection, a stunning boutique hotel run by George and his lovely wife Elena.  With only five suites in the hotel, they were incredibly helpful and kind throughout our stay.  After marveling at the view for a few hours, we spent the next few days exploring the island.

Day 1 – We ate delicious food, sunbathed, ate more delicious food, and slept like babies.

Day 2 – We rented a ”moto” and drove all over the island – Black Beach, Red Beach, the ruins, famous churches, and all the way to Ammoudi Bay in Oia for dinner.  If you’re ever in Santorini, please go to Ammoudi Bay.  Even if you have to drive home without working headlights on a narrow, spiraling cliff of doom, you’ll be glad you did.

Day 3 – We climbed down 700 steps to sea level, climbed up to the top of the volcano, took a boat to the hot springs for a swim, and then ate our way through pounds of feta, pita, olive oil, fresh fish, and gelato.

Next was Mykonos, where we stayed at the Mykonos Grand Hotel—a much bigger place, but equally incredible with a spectacular beachfront view.  We hopped on “moto” #2 and started our quest to hit every famous beach on the island – including Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach, Psarous Beach and Agios Sostis Beach. If you ever find yourself in Mykonos, eat at Kiki’s near Agios Sostis Beach.  Kiki’s has no sign, virtually no electricity, and a grill built into the side of a cliff. You’ll get lost 100 times & every native will say “Ah yes of course, Kiki’s.  Go to the first cross and make a right.”  But once you find it, the food and experience will be one of a kind. Get the chicken stuffed with feta, smile at the jolly Grecian owner, and thank me later.

On the way to the airport, with three flights ahead of us, we were sad to say goodbye.   We knew, though, that this would not be our last trip to heaven. Thank you for everyone who voted to get me here. I cannot express how thankful I am to work with such remarkable people and to have experienced this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Go to Greece.  Rent a “moto.”  Eat EVERYTHING in sight.  And remember—always listen to your father.

Written by: Margo Priaulx

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