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Not Your Grandfather’s Gin: Tanqueray Raises the Bar

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Zacappa 1Photos by Kelly Puleio

The Tanqueray Green Room is back and better than ever. This event series invites owners, bartenders and servers to spend three days enriching themselves with new techniques, category expertise and leadership philosophy. The goal of the Green Room is to not only educate guests about gin and Tanqueray, but to leave them inspired and energized to raise their game, either behind the bar or in leading a team. Green Room 3.0 launched in San Francisco on September 22-24, and each day was filled with bartenders eager to learn and get their hands wet behind the custom bars.

On Day 1, Sean Finter was welcomed back to the program by a large group of bar owners and managers. During this seminar, Sean broke down the guest experience into touch points and set out a simple system for turning casual consumers into ardent fans, and managers into leaders. Each year, Sean’s lecture continues to draws a larger crowd.

On Day 2, National Brand Ambassador Rachel Ford led the morning session that was geared toward servers and aimed to turn order takers into order makers. Rachel shared her own experiences of good and bad service, and broke down how to be the best at your job. Guests walked away from this session with a better understanding of how to direct customers to an enjoyable evening, while increasing their tips.

From Old Tom to London Dry, Tanqueray sets the standards for gin. During the afternoon session on Day 2, Global Ambassador Emeritus Angus Winchester spoke about the three primary gin styles and their respective uses. Angus used this session to not only educate bartenders on gin, but to reinforce that hospitality is a significant part of the job. Bartenders also had the opportunity to create their take on a modern classic cocktail, using books and unique bar tools from Angus’ personal collection.

Zaccapa 2

After an extremely successful event in NYC last spring, Tanqueray brought back Hidetsugu Ueno to lead Day 3. News spread fast and the event drew a record-breaking crowd of 84 bartenders. This session focused on the nature of Japanese bartending, and his techniques on stirring, shaking and pouring. Ueno San’s presentation was so compelling that you could hear a pin drop. The event ended with numerous laughs, a great question-and-answer round, as well as numerous pictures with the world-renowned bartender.

The Green Room will visit five additional markets, starting with Dallas later this month.

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MKTG INC Hosts Tanqueray Green Room in Austin

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Photo Credit: Lauren Logan

At Austin, Texas’s Shoal Crossing, Tanqueray recently hosted the last of its very popular Green Room. Despite the unseasonably rainy weather, this last stop was a great success, bringing Tonight We Tanqueray to life for key bartenders and influencers all over Texas.

On Day 1, Global Ambassador Angus Winchester led two impactful sessions on the resurgence of both gin cocktails and Tanqueray No. TEN, arming bartenders with the knowledge they needed to become an authority on this most essential of white spirits. Attendees were also guided through a tasting of eight gins, including vintage Tanqueray London Dry. Bartenders then had the opportunity to get behind the bar and create variations on classic recipes.

The next day, Jennifer Colliau, founder of Small Hands Food, shared her knowledge with a hands-on session about creating (or re-creating) syrups, cordials and tonics for the bar. She taught guests how to showcase their creativity while maintaining profitability.  Attendees took it to the next level, “geeking out” over the in-depth education she provided by asking questions and creating their own syrups.

Business expert Sean Finter closed out the tour with another successful session for bar managers and owners. The full-day session was energetic and interactive from the very beginning, while guests learned about the top areas of business that will help give them the edge they need for success. Feedback included:

The Austin Green Room ended with a consumer event that brought the brand to life for all 150 attendees. Guests enjoyed a variety of cocktails like the bottled Tom Collins and Basil Smash, while listening to music from a local DJ and munching on small bites. All guests were drawn to the History of Advertising Room, where they were able to see the growth of Tanqueray as a brand with campaigns starting as far back as the 1930s.

Key accounts in attendance included Half Step, Farace Beverage, Searsucker, The Standard Pour, Drink Well, El Mercado, Love Goat and Geisha Room, and feedback included:

  • “That was EPIC, and thank you!”
  • “Inspirational, motivating and beyond my expectations.”
  • “Eye-opening, informative, deliberately well done. These are the types of things I think about at night. I just need more!”
  • “Clear, to the point, very influential advice for the better of the industry. Really liked it.”
  • “Refreshing and inspiring. Making change something to strive for to succeed and progress.”

After 18 memorable days in market this year, Tanqueray is excited to continue amplifying and evolving the Green Room next year!

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