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MSNBC’s Growing Hope Tour Awarded Best Multicultural Campaign

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The Chief Marketer PRO Awards recognize outstanding promotion marketing campaigns. The awards, now in their 25th year, are the preeminent benchmark for excellence in innovation and creativity that produce stellar results. The winning campaigns are selected by a jury of expert peers.

This year, MKTG is proud to have been a part of MSNBC’s Growing Hope tour, which was awarded the Silver PRO Award for “Best Multicultural/Lifestyle Campaign.”

To further expand MSNBC’s already strong multicultural viewership,  we brought our message of hope to Texas State University, Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn Springfest, Taste of Charlotte, and Essence Fest in New Orleans. At each location, MSNBC set up a Growing Hope Community Garden, where visitors entered a branded greenhouse to enroll in the program at via a custom app. They were then invited to digitally submit their hopes regarding community-relevant issues such as education, equality and the economy. These were immediately printed out, and participants could sit at a workbench and attach the paper to an “issue petal” for planting on the iconic MSNBC Hope Tree outside.


While at the event, participants could meet MSNBC anchors, watch live broadcasts from the set, and attend current-events forums with guests such as Rev. Al Sharpton. Visitors could then bring home a free Arbor Day Foundation sapling to plant as their own “hope tree.” Videos shot at the events, in which visitors spoke of their hopes and efforts to effect change, were subsequently posted on and

Nearly 15,000 visitors enrolled in the promotion and became members of, enabling the network to continue to communicate with them after the event. The campaign also engaged more than 1 million people via social media and delivered more than 61 million media impressions.

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NIKE: #BetterForIt 90 Day Challenge

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US Women’s National Soccer Team players (l to r) Carli Lloyd, Ali Krieger and Christen Press challenge you to get fit with them as they count down to the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Go Team USA!

It’s not enough for Nike to have arguably the best fitness app on the market, they are taking it to the next level this summer. As soccer’s most important tournament approaches, Nike is pushing beyond single session workouts from the N+TC app and has created a new platform to showcase three U.S. Women’s National Team members in a soccer inspired Fitness Diary workout challenge – Nike training Club #BetterForIt 90 Day Challenge.

Inspired by how top Nike athletes train in preparation for the world’s stage, the 90-Day Better For It Challenge is designed to increase endurance, build strength get athletes* of any level fitter, faster.

The 90-Day Challenge is broken up into three different months with a focus on the US Women’s Soccer National Team Players: Christen Press, Ali Krieger and Carli Lloyd and is told through the lens of the players. Each month, participants will have a US Women’s National Team athlete workout focusing on a specific program in the app along with running and training sessions to complement the full month training plan:

April: Christen Press | Get Toned

May: Ali Krieger | Get Strong

June: Carli Lloyd | Get Lean


Mondays will include the featured athlete’s N+TC workout – a great weekly benchmark for tracking progress – and the rest of the week will mix in running, training and recovery days, utilizing both the N+TC App and Nike+ Running App. Every Thursday the program offers a “throw down” challenge aimed to inspire athletes to push their limits to new levels. To compliment the program, for the first time ever, Nike is pulling in customized nutrition into its programming. The nutrition component to the program is curated by The Today Show’s very own Joy Bauer,  and will aim to give the right eating advice based on where participants are in the program.

Join the Challenge because you will be #BetterForIt

Who’s in?

*”If you have a body you are an athlete.” –  Bill Bowerman

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Nike+ FuelBand Gets Social

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Nike_FuelBand_App_Update_largePhoto Credit:

Taking advantage of the ever-competitive nature of the fitness landscape, Nike+’s latest FuelBand app update will allow users the chance to leverage Facebook to demonstrate their fitness to their social network once and for all (read: time to talk some smack). For the first time, the FuelBand app will give its users the option to tag friends and post pictures from their workouts, overlay Fuel scores and Nike logos onto these photos and, most importantly, display their activity on a customizable leaderboard with friends.

These most recent developments for the FuelBand app certainly demonstrate Nike’s recognition of Facebook’s developer-friendly features for fitness apps that were introduced earlier this year. Furthermore, the added features serve to reinforce the growing trend amongst fitness-related technology of individuals sharing their progress with their respective circle of friends. What, you may ask, could be better than amassing a personal best 7,000 Fuel points on a summertime Saturday? How about sharing that score with your more “athletic” younger brother and sparking a whole new family rivalry?

While some may scoff at this sort of public humble-bragging, many in the industry believe that this social hook ultimately holds people more accountable to their fitness goals and influences them to work out more than they normally would otherwise. And while Facebook may not necessarily be concerned with having its user base remain fit, the company certainly won’t complain about the increased content and activity taking place on its site.  Seems like a win-win-win situation for Nike, Facebook, and FuelBand users alike.

Game on.

Written by: Willie Rudman

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Apps I’m Diggin’

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Welcome to the first installment of Apps I’m Diggin’. It’s a monthly column focusing on a few iOS applications I’ve currently been tinkering around with, which entails the overall user experience (UI), interface design, overall shelf life and “functionality.” As you probably notice, I put functionality in quotes because I have the tendency to interact with apps for reasons that may not have been intended by the creators, but please trust me when I say it’s nothing inappropriate.



Dunno is an interesting little app that allows you to jot down a quick note on any subject you’re curious about or, more importantly, clueless about. Once you type in the subject, Dunno works discreetly in the background combing the internet for any information pertaining to your note while you continue with your day. The results you receive range from web pages, blogs, Wikipedia, images, news, videos, tweets, songs, podcasts and more. I found this app to be very effective while in the middle of group discussions, drifting in and out and back in again, to wake up to a comment that piqued my interest. But, of course, I don’t want to interrupt to ask a question, revealing my bluff. The user interface is simple and elegant with a beautiful design flow. Dunno strips down all the content to an easy digestible read, allowing the viewer to bookmark, share and save. The application was created for taking notes in class/meetings, preparing journals/blog articles, researching for a paper or planning a trip. I use it to hide my flakiness.


WhoSampled App

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a big fan of classic gangster rap, like every other middle-class husky suburban jewish boy. So when I found Whosampled I immediately knew I had a great way to indulge my hip hop love and feed the addiction to chasing the influencers of my favorite old school mcs. It works like this, you type into the search field any artist and Whosampled displays a list of that artist’s songbook. Click on a song to see all of the musicians that were sampled in that particular track. Continue to dive deeper and play the exact soundclip “borrowed” on the track. You can also flip the sample to see what other artist have used the riff to help launch themselves into stardom. From there you can launch iTunes and download any of the singles. Whosampled interface and design are somewhat clunky and inflated, a couple of times losing one’s self in the sweet sweet chase it’s easy to forgive the clumsiness. My music collection has doubled since I downloaded this app, but must admit my cravings have not been curbed. I’m itching for another taste.

Written by: Mark Grundland

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May 16th, 2013 at 7:47 pm


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WingItPhoto Credit:

Ever wonder what that circular image posted outside a local NYC bar is all about? – Well, that’s the Wingit symbol. Makers of Wingit are passionate in creating social, local, and mobile applications that provide surprise and encourage improvisation into people’s experiences. Simply put, Wingit promises oodles of spontaneous activities to an otherwise boring week. The Wingit app, which just launched 2 months ago, is only available for iOS and only covers NYC (for now).

The Wingit app has 3 main features: Live stream, stash, and status. The live stream feature is enabled once the user scans a Wingit symbol. Then, the floodgate of festivities becomes available for the user to choose—activities like musical mash-ups in a local bar, foosball tournament, and a secret sake spot. The stash allows the user to save any activity for future use, while the status allows the user to create and share posts about his/her experiences.

Wingit taps into people’s, particularly Gen Yers, desire to explore their surroundings and discover new things the city offers. Sometimes, winging it is not so bad.

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Written by Alayne Luistro
Alayne Luistro

October 2nd, 2012 at 3:08 pm

A New Way to Capture Living Photos

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A photo has always been a way to capture a memory, a moment of time. Frozen for you to look back on. Yet our memory is not static, there is more to it than that. You remember the way your friend’s hair blew in the wind, or how the shadows danced against the firelight, or how the fireworks burst and lit the sky. Moments and experiences are shared by more than just a still image.  What if someone could capture a moment that more closely resembled our memory of the experience, allowing a glimpse into an experience preserved endlessly?

In 2009 Visual Graphics Artist Kevin Burg began experimenting with the still image as a .gif format, when partnered with photographer Jamie Beck to cover New York Fashion Week; they created what is now known as the “Cinemagraph.”  The artist takes a traditional photograph and combines a living moment into the image through the isolated animation of multiple frames. The term “Cinemagraph” comes from its cinematic animation grounded in a traditional photograph. This new style took off with social media, sharing these unique visuals over Twitter and Tumblr. You can still see the original cinemagraphs that started the trend for New York Fashion Week here.

The process of creating a cinemagraph can be very daunting, not only do you have to have a keen photographic eye/ability, you must also be comfortable with Adobe Photoshop and film editing software in order to create the end product, taking a total of 30+steps before you have your desired cinemagraph.

Finally, a Montreal-based startup called Factyle, Inc. decided that this process didn’t need to be so complicated.  They created a way for users to create a cinemagraph within a few short steps right within the app, and then share it with the world in an “Instagram” type UI; hence the apps name “Cinemagram”. The CEO Temoojin Chalasani stated in a TechCrunch interview the following, “We’ve been fascinated by this art form since its first appearance last year in the world of fashion photography… We see it as a way for photographers to bring out the essence of an image, and tell the story behind their pictures in a fun and beautiful way.”

Although they have not been the first to market on this type of app for iPhones, its clearly the first to combine the trending new looks and filters of “Instagram” along with a unique and creative approach to allow an easier workflow for cinemagraphs. Users have been creating their own unique creative works that can be seen on the Cinemagram blog here.

But with any tool its how you use it, there is plenty of poorly executed cinemagraphs by users, yet as you browse you find some that are uniquely witty and charming. And you can’t help but feel like your getting a peek into someone else’s memory.

Written by: Ryan Beickert | Cinemaphoto Credit:

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