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Baby Be Gone

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Unbaby Me

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So I want to start this off by saying I don’t hate babies. I don’t even particularly dislike them. You could even go as far as saying I like babies. They’re cute. They do funny things. They (kind of) look like their parents. They’re like hairless puppies. And I love puppies.

I just think that the combination of social media exploding and everyone I know having kids has turned out to be an… overwhelming situation. Do I want to see an occasional photo of your baby on my Facebook feed? Sure. Do I want to see 10 photos a day chronicling every single activity? Not really.

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about, a new Google Chrome extension that “deletes babies from your newsfeed permanently – by replacing them with awesome stuff.” It searches for words like “year old,” “just learned to walk,” “lbs oz,” “just like mom,” “ultrasound,” “onesie,” “look at those cheeks” or “what an angel” in your newsfeed (you can also add your own words). It then allows you to subscribe to any of your favorite image-based RSS feeds (tumblr, Instagram, etc.), which will provide the replacement photos for your feed. I used the “NYC” feed on Instragram to test it out. To my surprise, it works extremely well and several (I assume extremely adorable) baby photos have already been replaced with photos of cracked concrete (hip) or bicycles (very hip) and a caption that says “Baby removed.”

Last week, I wrote about the Flock app, which works to minimize oversharing before it happens. If it’s not stopped there, might be the knock-out punch needed to clean up your feed and ensure that you’re only scrolling through content you want to see. The great thing is, you can remove any words you don’t want to see (baby-related or not). Which reminds me, I need to go add a few additional words, starting with “engaged,” “YOLO” and of course, “Nickelback.”

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Written by Peter McCutcheon
Peter McCutcheon

August 9th, 2012 at 10:00 am