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How Brands Are Taking a Bite Out of Content

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We all know content is king, but these days the platform used to share that content has become just as important as the content itself. Consumers’ content consumption has changed. With busy, hectic lives, today’s consumers seek content that can be easily accessed and quickly grasped. Various platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Vine have its own point of difference.


Bite-sized content, often visually based (images or videos), have made it easy for consumers to digest information and cull what’s really relevant.


And in a world full of noise and diminishing attention spans (roughly 2.8 seconds), brands now have to be more creative than ever to grab consumers’ attention—let alone engage with them.


Take Vine, for instance. Lowe’s leveraged Vine’s 6-second and looping feature to share fun, very short, yet informational life-hack videos. Another example is Airbnb leveraged Vine’s 6-second feature to develop a crowd-sourced short film, culled from over 750 submissions, called Hollywood & Vines.

Bite-sized content allows people to consume content on the fly—whenever they want, on whatever device they choose. It provides people with enough information to know about a topic and enough of a teaser so they can seek out more they’re hungry for it. It is a very effective method for building awareness, providing variety and promoting social sharing.

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