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Social Media: What Moves Your Audience

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Spaceballs_combFigure 1: Combing the desert in “Spaceballs”

There comes a time where photos of pancakes during Saturday brunch, random selfies in the park or outrageous political rants become too much handle on your social networks. It’s part of the reason why you un-friend someone on Facebook (in many instances on their birthdays), unfollow them on Twitter or block them on Snapchat. Simply put, it’s noisy and irrelevant.

Though we all crave constant interpersonal connectivity, many find that connection-based social networks and apps leave with you a tremendous rolodex of contacts and robust streams of content, but have shortcomings when trying to share with the people you really care about.

Matthew Bryan Beck, a NYC-based journalist and advertising strategist, exposes a timely topic of what he thinks is the future of social media: mobile tribes.

Just as tribes define membership by ‘different groups, movements, cultures or ideologies,’ we “band together in subpopulations of shared interests, tastes, demographics and marketplaces.” We, along with traditional tribes, then mobilize by choosing and controlling with whom we connect, communicate and share on a regular basis.

Brands and corporations – like consumers – seek to remain in control of how they engage their audiences. Where a Facebook ad spend or a Twitter buy may fall short in breaking through the noise, marketers invest in new platforms to camp out where their mobile consumer tribes roam. Though that’s much easier said than done. Beck asserts, “the age of the mega platform is over.” Consumers have become nomadic in their social-media sharing, app usage and content consumption, leveraging multiple platforms and devices simultaneously to tap into each of their disparate ecosystems.

At Bonfyre, we believe we align well with this trend. Each “bonfyre” is like it’s own ecosystem – an exclusive social network enabling brands to better engage their audiences with targeted, real-time consumer engagement around events and groups of people. The level of control is two-fold: participants “opt in” to the bonfyre – typically through a link, QR code or location-based invites – while the brand decides who’s invited, the content participants can receive and the manner in which they can share (“read-only” chat, moderation, etc.).

Ultimately, marketers should deploy an arsenal of apps, social media sites and experiences to better reach their tribes. There’s always a good story to tell, sometimes it’s just about camping out and listening in.

Seeking a mobile solution for your brand, client or organization? Contact us to learn more.

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Bonfyre Ignites St. Louis Cardinals “Winter Warm-Up” Fan Fest

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Our friends at Bonfyre teamed up with the St. Louis Cardinals for their 2014 Cardinals CARE Winter Warm-Up. The three-day fan-centric event provided fun photo opportunities and introduced a new way for fans to connect with Cardinals players, coaches and media.

“We’re thrilled to be working with the St. Louis Cardinals to enhance the fan experience around such an amazing community event like the Winter Warm-Up,” said Mark Sawyier, CEO of Bonfyre. Fans had access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos, fun contests and more.

Our St. Louis-based technology partner complemented the Cardinals’ complete social media coverage of the three-day long event on official club platforms like Twitter (@Cardinals), Facebook ( and Instagram (@Cardinals). The experienced-based social platform allowed fans to share content while automatically creating a digital memory of the experience.

Read the original press release here:

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Want Fries with That App?

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Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 4.52.06 PMSource:

In an effort to boost sales amongst millennial diners, McDonald’s has begun testing a mobile app in 1,000 locations. Beneath the golden arches, customers in pilot markets open up their “McD” app featuring mobile-exclusive offers such as buy-one-get-one breakfast sandwiches or a $1 McChicken sandwich.

With the global proliferation of smartphone usage and app downloads, brands like McDonald’s are taking advantage of these trends to drive both revenue and customer loyalty. Some have likened McDonald’s to a glorified Groupon; others may dub it a branded, localized, social-commerce tool. Whichever way you lean, the hope is that millennials will eat it up.

The deal-based mobile app is part of the recognition that McDonald’s and other brands share: digital and mobile accessibility are “increasingly critical in the U.S,” Sara Senatore, a New York-based analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Consumers are downloading and using apps at quite a clip, and we believe that brands will continue to build and launch mobile apps to boost sales, drive advocacy around rewards and enhance engagement through social sharing.

Aligning with these trends, at Bonfyre we’ve created a platform that focuses on “narrowcasting.” Brands create invite-only, ad hoc social networks called “bonfyres” focused around events, groups of people or influencers where participants can chat and share photos, captions and more. Instead of shouting to millions of Facebook likes or sifting through #mentions to reach a mass audience, Bonfyre fosters relevant two-way communication and sharing between specific audiences and a brand to cater the message and the consumer experience. Over the past year, we’ve helped brands like Budweiser, Express Scripts, an NFL team and MKTG INC leverage mobile technology around their unique events and communities. Through the narrow lens, our clients can better understand and measure how their audience interacts, to what messages they respond, the content they love and more.

As McDonald’s deploys McD to lure millennials, the company’s marketers will gain tremendous intelligence on how their consumers behave and how they leverage digital/mobile tech: what items they redeem most frequently, at what times, and hopefully drive additional sales via the app and market- or store-specific insights. Marketers might call that ROI. Millennials would call it the entire value menu.

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Halloween Bonfyre Heats Up Costume Creativity

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To get our team into the Halloween spirit, MKTG INC worked with our friends at Bonfyre to give our employees an opportunity to submit photos of their best Halloween costumes for a chance to win a cash prize (and bragging rights).

We offered three categories for the submissions – the #SELFIE, the #FRIENDSTER and the #FAMILYPET. We received nearly 200 submissions from all six MKTG INC offices, with each team displayed impressive ingenuity and creativity. We all enjoyed the friendly competition.

Once we narrowed the submissions down a bit, we opened up the voting to our entire MKTG team – and more than 1600 people cast their vote!

Here are our winners (drumroll please…):

The Friendster: “Trapped in a Cage” by Kim Wehby (Cincinnati)


The Family Pet: “Dallas dressed as Carl from “UP”!” by Lindsey Munden (West Coast)


The Selfie: “Pop Art comes to life in NYC” by Cassandra Ross (NYC)


We enjoyed the contest so much that we’re planning another one for the holidays. Stay tuned!

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Written by Katie Kirby
Katie Kirby

November 19th, 2013 at 2:21 pm

We’re For #SummerFridays

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Being a part of the MKTG INC family means indulging in the perks (i.e., bagel Mondays, all-expenses-paid-for vacations around the world, etc.) But the perk that really tickles employees’ fancies is the highly anticipated, most-talked-about concept of ‘Summer Fridays.’ Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, MKTG’ers are rewarded for their hard work all year with a total of seven freebie Fridays (not including holidays and vacation days).

We’re not ones to pry, but we couldn’t help but wonder how employees chose to spend all of this extra free time. A three-day weekend soaking up the sun at the shore? An impromptu trip to visit Mom and Dad on the West Coast? A running Netflix marathon with their favorite sidekicks, Ben & Jerry? To help feed our curiosity, we’ve selected people from our various locations around the world to share their Summer Friday stories.

JOANNA SOLAZZO (Senior Manager, Field Activation)


How do you usually spend your Summer Fridays?

I have been spending my Summer Fridays at a house that I’m sharing with friends in Montauk.  I head out on Thursday nights and spend the long weekends relaxing on the beach, biking, barbequing, mastering games such as Kan Jam, and enjoying lots of delicious summer libations.  Despite the traffic, Montauk really is the best escape from the hot city – sorry, Jersey Shore.

Unfortunately, we can’t always leave our day jobs behind. Are you incorporating any MKTG INC details into your after-hours life?

Along with the occasional email sent from the beach, I introduced my housemates to the Bonfyre app that MKTG INC adopted for internal use and client programs.  Bonfyre has been a HUGE hit among my friends.  We’re able to share photos with each other that we otherwise wouldn’t want posted to Facebook/Instagram (that’s right – I don’t want Brand Ambassadors knowing ALL of my business) and we use the app as our primary source of communication – whether we’re talking about coordinating travel to the house or deciding what bar to go to on a Saturday night. It’s super user-friendly and convenient.

If you were asked to persuade Charlie to extend “Summer Fridays” throughout the entire year, how would you proceed?


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Written by kcappuccilli

July 26th, 2013 at 12:18 pm