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Why In The Future All Advertising Will Be Experienced

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“Emerging tech is causing advertising to become increasingly multi-sensory and fully immersive as it moves off screen,” writes the MD of MKTG

Technophiles the world over are looking forward to a day when all forms of content are freed from its present confinement within the four edges of a screen; to be fully multi-sensory, 360-immersive, and at some point beyond the far off horizon, indistinguishable from the real world. The message will not be contained by the medium.

How far are we from such a horizon, and are we sprinting or strolling there are questions that a lot of clever people in white lab coats are posing.

VR may take us a few tantalising strides closer. Some will groan heavily at yet another mention of this particular tech, but if we move our focus away from the headsets and instead look at how the content can be deployed and enjoyed, then interesting signposts emerge.

Earlier this year I was at the launch of the Allianz-sponsored Drone Racing League. A world championship heat will be taking place in the capital as part of London Tech Week this June. Sky were also present to announce their ownership of the broadcast rights. They intend to show the proceedings from an entirely different perspective; those with a heavy dispensation towards all things geek will already know that drone racers pilot their craft through goggles linked to a Go-Pro camera mounted on the drone. This means that home viewers with a Sky package and VR headsets can get closer into the action in an immersive sense – a pilot’s eye view.

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Article written by Michael Brown, Managing Director, MKTG

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Captain Morgan: Let Millennials Run For President

Maybe the country wouldn’t be stuck with deciding between Clinton or Trump if those younger than 35 were eligible to run for office. Now, Captain Morgan is petitioning the U.S. government to allow those under 35 to become president as part of its new campaign.captmorgan

There are multiple agency partners working on the #Under35POTUS campaign, among them: Taylor Strategy serves as lead creative agency, MKTG for experiential, VaynerMedia for social strategy, Carat for media and Starpower for influencer engagement.

The project centers around the website where those over age 21 are encouraged to sign the petition to change Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution, which restricts those under the age of 35 from becoming president. If 100,000 signatures have been acquired by August 17, 2016, the White House will review the petition, distribute it to appropriate policy officials and issue a response. They have a long way to go. As of press time, only 464 signatures have been submitted.

To help raise awareness, Captain Morgan is introducing a campaign video featuring influential and notable Under 35s who are making an impact and changing the world in their own right – including Mogul’s Tiffany Pham, JASH’s Mickey Meyer, Thrillist’s Ben Lerer and Thinkful’s Dan Friedman. Their achievements are shown during the uplifting song “We Are Young” by Fun.

Captain Morgan also penned an open letter that appeared in the New York Times on July 19 calling on everyone to join the cause and sign the petition.

From now through November 8th, the #Under35Potus movement will also be supported by digital, social, PR/Influencer and experiential marketing efforts as well as a robust media buy across platforms like You Tube, Tinder, Buzzfeed, Snapchat, and

“It’s no secret that Millennials have gradually been disengaging from the political process.  The fact that there are very few elected Under 35s on Capitol Hill is symbolic of this disengagement, and bringing more young adults into the democratic system can only make our nation better,” stated Adrienne Cuschieri Grooms, senior brand manager, Captain Morgan.  “It’s not like we’re trying to create change for the sake of change.  This is a very real and important issue.  Millennials make up some of the most progressive, innovative, intelligent, and successful people in our country – why shouldn’t they be able to be President of the United States?”

More than half (52%) of 21-34 year olds say lowering the presidential age requirement would be beneficial for the country, and a clear majority of those polled – 56% – say they would be willing to act on this idea by supporting an amendment to lower the age requirement.

provided by MKTG New York

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July 21st, 2016 at 2:09 pm


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By Edward James, Front Row


When rights holders are seeking sponsors there is a crucial model that requires careful planning and consideration – exclusivity. We hear this word being banded around on a daily basis and it is something that rights holders have capitalised on to stretch their commercial rights as far as possible. The last thing Coca Cola would want, having paid the top tier of sponsorship for the Olympics is Pepsi sweeping in and stealing their thunder as a sponsor. This is the simplest form of exclusivity within sponsorship and rightly so, the entire commerciality of the sponsorship industry relies on it.

However, does this model have to exist when it comes to brands who want to tap into the CSR opportunities that rights holders can offer their partners? For most brands demonstrating that they are corporately sound, doing good and giving back as a sponsor is a must-have in their marketing plans. The normal model here is that a single sponsor takes exclusive rights to partner with the CSR offering of the rights holder in question, not if you’re Cricket South Africa.

Uniting all of its commercial sponsors, Cricket South Africa (CSA) offered a platform to join the team’s campaign for World Cancer Day, on the 12th February, held at the Johannesburg’s Wanderers Stadium. CSA and every single one of their sponsors joined the fight against cancer for the Pink One Day International against England.
As well as the team donning pink cricket kits, colouring the stadium itself pink and promoting pink merchandise, sponsors Momentum, Uber, Castle Lager and New Balance all activated this great cause through their commercial association and marketing channels.

New Balance produced the players pink kits for the day and ran promotions to win the exclusive new Pink Team kit for fans. The official beer, Castle Lager took over branding within the stadium, turning seats and beer holders pink as well as offering donations to the charity for every 6 caught in the crowd. Lastly sponsor Uber discounted all trips taken by fans to and from the stadium by 50% with the discount being donated to World Cancer Day.

This model creates the opportunity for brands to work together to extend the fan engagement beyond cricket and ticks the big social responsibility box. It also throws up an interesting example of how brands can collaborate to maximise their rights, rather than be restricted by exclusivity clauses. It will be instructive to see if this way of working can be stretched beyond CSR and lead to greater brand to brand co-operation on shared assets.

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February 26th, 2016 at 6:10 pm