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¿Cómo Se Dice “Winning”?

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P&G Charmin Addy

The MKTG INC Cincinnati office added another silver ADDY to its collection at the local ADDY Awards hosted by the American Advertising Federation on February 22.

Bilingual Copywriter Extraordinaire Belinda Chavez-Imwalle and Fancy-Pants Digital Art Director Julie Wilson were the creative cojones behind the Charmin Basic campaign—the first community-based social media campaign for US Hispanic  (USH) consumers at P&G. The custom offline component claimed the silver ADDY in the Direct Marketing, 3D Mailer category.

“This was such a fun, disruptive piece and it’s great to see this Orgullosa team’s work recognized. It is just one example of the fantastic work they have been doing to help truly grow and delight the Orgullosa community,” said V.P. of Creative Paulette Yarosz.

On the outside, the winning piece posed the question “¿Ya no aguantas?,” which roughly translates in English to “Can’t stand it/hold it any longer?” On the inside, it touted the high quality and low cost of Charmin Basic toilet paper, housed a FREE roll of the product and expanded to reveal three coupons and additional messaging. The pink and orange custom mailer was delivered to the doorsteps of 20,000 members of, P&G’s online word-of-mouth community for Latinas living in the U.S.

The mailer was only one piece of an integrated effort that included an online microsite with product information and reviews. The site garnered 3,929 reviews and saw a 97% increase in posts about Charmin Basic, helping the brand build buzz with USH consumers.

The MKTG INC team has helped the Orgullosa community grow to more than 110,000 members (from 3,600 members one year ago) and 650,000 likes on Facebook.

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Cha-Cha-Cha Charmin Tush Towels

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FaceTush Towel

MKTG INC’s Cincinnati Office is often tasked with making uncomfortable topics talkable and sharable – things like tampons, digestive aids and wipes for your derrière (yeah – we went there!). So how do you take something like a moist towelette for your nether regions and get bloggers to write about it? Well – you give them something fun that they can’t help but share with the masses.

Thus – the Tush towel was born!

The creative team works on programs for a word-of-mouth community called Vocalpoint to get samples and coupons in the hands of people that love to use, talk and share about products. But when faced with something not-so-fun to talk about – the challenge was to give the blogger no other option than to chat about it!

The advocacy concept for the campaign was that you wouldn’t bathe with just a dry towel and expect to get clean. After marinating on that – the creative team thought, “Let’s give them a dry towel to go with the product and drive that concept home!” But you just can’t give a blogger any old towel and expect them to spend their precious time blogging about it – so the team went with something funny. A two-sided towel: one side for your face and the other side for your tush! Throw some branding and fun colors on it as well as a full-size sample of the product and your blogger kit is ready to go.

The blogger kit was a success with bloggers across the nation sharing their pics of the towel as well as (and more importantly) their thoughts on the product! With over 5,000 product reviews – this campaign has definitely done it’s job.

Written by: Heather Johnson

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